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Thread: Navy Wedding Colors

  1. celise
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    Nutts Navy Wedding Colors

    Hello Ladies!! Ok, so we have set a date.. we I set a date.. Nov. 2008. With that said, Df will be in his dress blues, and so will have of the groomsmen.
    So ... does anyone have any color ideas? I love the pastel pink and lit. olive, but I feel like that is too springy. How do I match colors that wont clash with the guys' uniforms? I really dont want to do red and white, that makes me feel too... American Flag? (sorry, I do support and love, but I dont want to make it look "too much?" if you get what Im saying..)
    I like the idea of different shades of either green-gray green - olive, or burgundy/red since its winter.. Blue and white is pretty, but then Ill feel like Im bringing in Christmas.. Am I just freaking out too early haha.. I think Im just scared it is going to all look bad! What did some of you navy wives do for your wedding?
    Help!!! I need ideas, someone to some sense into me!
  2. celise
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    I think I am stuck between Shades of Red/Burgundy and white and Navy Blue and White... Which is better.. and why? I am shooting contemporary, but my father will be in his Navy officer uniform, and half the party in their dress blues (well why the F cant I call them dress blacks?! )
  3. Jessi
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    not me but my sister...i'm still in the db stage...

    she did pastel pink and a greenish...dont think it was olive, but it was a green, her hubby wore his dress blues and it was totally cute, yah it looked springy and it was december but hell its your wedding you can do whatever you want!!
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    i say reds/burgandy. i had chocolate brown, ivory and light pink as my colors
  5. celise
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    mmm i like brown and pink.....
  6. luvmyairman
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    I'm getting married in late September 2008 in Maine, and because the trees will be changing colors around that time, we decided on burgundy, dark green, and gold/yellow for colors. Those colors would work for November, too!
  7. Happy wife...happy life!
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    Happy wife...happy life!
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    Burgundy is pretty for that time of year.
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    Navy colors too me are blue and white. I found a website that has navy things for weddings also. But I love the purple family and burgandy and reds are very nice. my favorite.

  9. Finally Happy <3
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    We want to get married in like september and he wants to wear his uniform and the plan is to ahve the colors be red/burgundy because its SO pretty!!

    good luck whatever you decide!
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    Quote Originally Posted by celise View Post
    (well why the F cant I call them dress blacks?! )
    Sigh, I agree, but technically they are (or are traditionally) midnight blue. Under most lighting, Midnight blue shows up black then black shows up under those lights. Black usually shows up with a blue tint. Why can't we call them navy Tux's?

    I like the red and burgandy
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