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Thread: honeymoon

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    ugh! so im trying to figure out where to book our honeymoon. we've really been slacking on getting it done. we were gonna go to sandals in negril jamaica. but then decided we'd save some money and go somehwere in the states, and plus that would help us pay for a few extra things for the wedding. So now we're thinking Aspen, Vail or of the ski resorts. Has anyone ever been to a nice ski resort in Colorado? Ive been looking online and i just cant find anytyhing i like. Oh, and big question? is it even snowing in CO in late Nov??
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    Hmmmm.. I'm not sure.. LOL Good luck with whatever you do! We went to Cancun for ours, of course.. we wanted a beach setting..

    I'm sure one of our CO ladies would know if it's snowing at that time of year

    I think some ski resorts "create" their own snow LOL
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