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Thread: What's the dumbest thing....

  1. MoMo
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    Duh What's the dumbest thing....

    Your husband has ever done?

    My Story: When we first got married and moved out we had not furniture. So we went shopping and we found a living room that we really liked. It was a store targeted toward the military and if u were a soldier or a gov. employee u would get instead credit. (BIG MISTAKE!!!) We get to the paper work and it says $7,098...I'm thinking that's crzy, so I asked the woman if furniture really costs that much and she said yes..other I told my DH not to sign the papers and for us to go look at some other stores..well he's very impatient and he decided that it wasnt that bad and he didn't want to now we are stuck with a $300 monthly furniture bill for the next two years and to top it all off we found our furniture on CLEARANCE at Big Lots for $398..the whole set...I could have killed him
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    He's a good samaritan - which isn't dumb at all - but the dumbest thing he's ever done was get out of his truck in the middle of the TACOMA NARROWS BRIDGE to hook up a chain and tow a total stranger to the other side that had broken down.

    It was kind, yes.

    But I made him promise to never do that again. It was SO stinkin' dangerous, he could have been killed.
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    You must have been reading my mind. I was thinking about this when I woke up today. My husband doesn't usually do bone head stuff. But when he was home on R&R he was using the cheapy oven mits I bought. And I have no earthly idea what he was trying to do but with the oven mits on he grabbed the burner while it was on. It burned clean through the mits(ofcourse). He pulled his hand back just in time so he didn't get burned. I laughed so hard I still don't remember what he said he was trying to do. It still makes me laugh now.

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