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Thread: Simple wedding?

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    Simple wedding?

    Did anyone have a very simple, private wedding? I'm probably going to be getting married in the next one to two years, depending on where DB is being sent and I wanted to start the planning now. Just wanted to know what YOU did as far as decorating, location, theme, guests, etc.? Thanks!
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    Mine was very simple. About 10 people were invited to the wedding, which was held in dh's grandma's garden. The garden was beautiful so decorations weren't required. We had two parties afterwards - a reception in the church hall for his family and then an informal party for mine (because his family are in Iowa and mine are in the UK). Having the reception in the church hall kept costs down - they did the catering for $6 per head. The family pitched in with decorating - we bought gold and chocolate coloured balloons, ivory cloth for the tables and little candle features for each table centre. Keeping things simple also kept costs down. For the UK party, my parents have a big house so I was able to have it there.
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    married in a courtroom with bout 20 guests reception was at my families cottage all in all was very nice private and didnt slam the wallet
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    I love small weddings. They seem to have more character than a huge event to me.
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    ours didn't end as simple as it began. There was my whole family there so about 100 people or so. I bought a $100 wedding dress, mom paid for invitations but I would have made them myself. Dad paid for the DJ which was a friend of mine. I paid for the photos. We had a K of C hall but were going to do a park and my mom was going to cook a ton of food.

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