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Thread: So When IS the best time to get Married...before or after??

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    So When IS the best time to get Married...before or after??

    When did you get married? Before, during or After your husbands joined?
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    He had been in for 2 years when we got married.
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    I got married after he joined. Right now dh is a recruiter and he says that if you get married before sometimes it's harder to qualify because you have to do a income sheet. basically to make sure you all can make it if he isn't there since it takes so long to get paid during BCT. i think it depends on you and your SO really.

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    I got married before he enlisted. I have always loved being able to say I was here first. But even more importantly, I learned things with him, and we helped each other adjust to this new lifestyle. We have grown up together in/with the Marine Corps.

    I can't say if it's better than the other two because I have never done the other two. But I know I am glad that we did it this way, and I wouldn't change it one bit.
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    when you are ready.
    DH and I got married after he was in, we'd lived together for a year and been together a total of 2.5 years. (before he joined) I don't think it matters if it's before or after he joins, whenever you are ready is a good time
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    Well I don't think anyone can really say which is better because we've only ever done one or the other (unless you've been married a couple times..). We got married shortly after he joined. It had nothing to do with the military, just our relationship and when we were ready.
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    engaged before, married after.
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    I don't really see where there'd be a disadvantage to either one. It's not really something that should affect the decision, time-wise.
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    Dh and I got married after he had joined..I didn't even KNOW him when he enlisted. However, he was married previously before he joined up, and it was hard on him because of their relationship. It just depends on the people in the relationship
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    we got married before he left for boot. like kristyw94 said, we got to learn things together and adjust together.

    it was really hard to get by when he left though cause i wasn't getting any money from him at frist, and i was trying to support myself and pay all our bills with a part time waitress job.

    but i think it's whenever you're ready. would you be ready to be "newly weds" and have him leave right shortly after the wedding, or would you rather have him home for a while. my sister in law married her husband 10 days before he left for iraq, i married mine 2 months before he left for boot. it just all depends on you guys.

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