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    Bang Head help

    so my marine man is getting ready to leave for a years deployment....n here our relationship goes tail minute he claims to have no feelings for me and then next hes buying me a new tv and labtop telling me how much hes going to miss the times me him and our son are together....doesnt sound like someone who doesnt care....n now hes saying he wants to leave for deployment single bc he doesnt want me putting my life on hold for a year for him....that he knows hes going to come back "fucked up" and he doesnt want to put me through that again.....does he not realize together or not it doesnt change how i feel about him and that i will still care and worry and love him just as much....for christ's sake we have a son together....we live together and work together. and thats by his doing....the part about not caring or having feelings im not seeing... can some one enlighten me please before i go crazy?
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    Well, I know that they told my DH to distance himself and not discuss the deployment with me or his family because that would make things easier for him. I don't know whare they get that stupid idea from, but that's what they told him. He started to do the same things(talk about us not being together, ect.) but we ended up getting into it and I told him he was up the creek because we are married and have crap to handle together weither he likes it or not. And to hell with his command. I was pretty upset, but they all go through it. Try to keep strong and telling him that you love him and are going to be right there waiting for him when he gets back. Best of luck to you!
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    i don't have any experience with it, but good luck sweetie
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    Just smack him, really, really hard.

    Kidding, kidding. All I know is that my DB went through a "I don't want you waiting for me" phase. It took me a bit to figure out what it was, and to nip it in the bud, but nip it I did. I sat him down and explained (I'm pretty sure the third time there were tears/yelling involved, but I tried calmly at first) that I wasn't going anywhere, but I would kick his behind if he kept suggesting it. A lot of guys get weird before deployments...

    Just, reassure him you'll be there and try to talk things out maybe?

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