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Thread: How did he propose???!?!?

  1. foreverurz23
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    How did he propose???!?!?

    My boyfriend has been talking about asking me to marry him, but he wont tell me when, how, who, where...ect. of course i want to be surprised too!

    tell me how your better half proposed to you?!?!?!
    and how did you do your wedding? big reception, small wedding ect.

    cant wait!!!!...
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    my DF proposed while we were at work doing photography at the ren fest in 2005 he had asked my moms permission and also my gradmothers and ask all my family that worked there as well to be there and he pulled me up on a stage after a show and got down on one knee and said " lezley i love you more then anything, you mean the whole world to me and i cant imagin my life with out you and he pulled out the ring and put on my finger and said will you marry me?,( i was speachless so i just smiled and nodded my head and jumped in to his ams with a big hug), my family came out of hiding clapping and so did the people who had just watched the show one lady came up and gave us a dollar and said its the best show she's seen all day it made us laugh and it was jst really nice i was otally surprised by it
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    DH proposed to me after 6 months of letting me know he wanted to marry me.
    I said I wasnt ready and he did it again in another 6 months on Mothers Day with my family. He asked my dad and then asked me in private. It was sooo cute.

    Our wedding (JOP) was in Feb (about 6 months later) and we just had our big ceremony on July 8.

    Gosh it went by sooo fast!!! Enjoy the suspense and the whole experience following.
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    Mine took me to the store and said "pick one out and lets get married". Then the lady who we got the ring from made him get on one knee in front of the whole store and ask me right. It was so cute.
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    dh told me he bought a ring and made me wait in suspense! it was aweful (the waiting!) then he told me he was getting the ring sized (amazingly tied a string around my finger while i slept). but he was only throwing me off. he really had the ring sized prior. took me and a couple of friends out to dinner at a beautiful place. and proposed after dinner...the only table left at the restaurant. then celebrated like rock stars at the bar across the street

    our wedding was a beautiful fairytale wedding for sure!

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