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Thread: Does it get easier?

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    Does it get easier?

    So my boyfriend has been away for awhile for basic training and I have gotten a few letters, and yesterday I finally got a phone call. All of those were wonderful to get but my question is does it get easier with time? He is looking to make this his career and I am hoping to stay with him for the long haul so what I want to know is will it always be this hard?

    I know I can get through all this but I would appreciate any advice to make time pass faster or things to do... Thank you in advance!
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    Moving this out of DearSOS and into love shack. Please note: the DearSOS forum is for anonymous postings only

    Thank you!

    To answer the question, I don't think it gets any easier, but you get used to it eventually.
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    I dont have That much experience, but I dont think so. It will get easier to cope with tho, which definitly helps! Welcome to SOS
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    unfortunately it doesnt get just learn to cope better as time goes by. If you really love him and want to make this your life as well try and keep busy. Basically by moping around the house your just sitting around waiting.....go out and have some fun....get something accomplished.....set a weight loss goal for his homecoming and spend his deployment trying to attain it (that is if u feel u need to lose weight).....things like that give you something to work for and something to surprise your honey with. But before he makes this his career and u devote yourself to him sit and talk with him when hes home.....this life aint easy hun....but we're all the more stronger for it.......u can do it stay tough
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    agree with the other ladies: you get used to the "routine" and learn how to cope with it better.
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    I agree with the other ladies. It won't ever get easier, you just get used to "expect the unexpected" and everything else that comes with it.
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    i have to disagree. i think it does get easier. i was devestated at first, but now (mind you, only a year and a half later) i think it's considerably easier. i agree that you get a routine, you find your support and life goes on. but for me, i cry less & i smile more. i still count down the days til he comes home, but i think i have a better understanding that i can enjoy life while he's away. that's just my story. i hope it gets easier for you too.
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    It does not get easier but most people learn to cope better. If you stay busy the time will go faster than when you are at home. While he is in bootcamp it is hard because he cannot call or email but when he gets out and is deployed that changes which is good.

    After about a month during dh's last deployment I went crazy and decided that I could not just stay home while he was gone and went back to school. It was the best decision that I have made in a long time. With staying busy I don't just sit around and stair at the computer waiting for an email.

    You can do this you have an awsome support system here on SOS. If you ever need to talk please feel free to PM me.

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