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    Jump for Joy Tell Me Why...

    DB insists on talking about marriage and RINGS all the time!!!! It makes me wanna run around the house and jump up and down lol I just can't take it any more lol. He is making me wanna get married ASAP!!! He keeps asking me questions like How many karrots would you want? What size do you wear? Gold? Silver? White Gold?! Ahhhhhhhhhhh all these questions are getting to me lol. he asked me if I would still marry him if he only gave me a string lol I said yes of course lol anyways he is frustrating me cause now I WANNA GET MARRIED LOL!!!! And of course like always ima get my hopes all up and there wont be any wedding bells! GOOD GRIEF MEN!!!!

    okay my rant is done
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    trust me I feel you. After my db took me "just looking" at engagment rings to see what type I like, and then having my mom slip up and say that he talked to her and my dad about marriage I'm like ok, just propose already lol. I'm anticipating his every move which is causing me to drive myself mad
    Please Remember to follow OPSEC!!!

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