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Thread: whats wrong with him?

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    Sad whats wrong with him?

    My fiancee doesn't think that I'm happy about us getting married, because his sister told him that he's basically doing everything to get prepared for our wedding, which isn't true. I looked up some things but yeah. It just hurts really bad , hearing him say that to me. I cryed hard about it and now I just don't know what to say to him because I think he is wrong , it would also help if he was here but I understand that he is in the Navy and he can't be here but thats really why I don't sound too happy about it , its just because I miss him so much and its really hard for me. I am happy though, I just don't know what he expects me to say, I have told alot of people already about the wedding. Im thrilled really but he just doesn't believe me.
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    Sounds like his sister might need to stay out of things. I would talk to him about it. Just tell him how you are feeling. He's not going to know unless you let him know because he isn't there!!! I went through the same thing when we were planning our wedding. Dh was out to sea for 2 months during the planning part so it was mostly my mom and I that planned everything.

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    His sister needs to shut up and mind her own buisness. I guess all you can do is tell him you are, and if he dosent believe you then he dosent. But he needs to talk to you about it and not her, only you know whats going on in you. Best of luck

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