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Thread: I feel suffocated by my husband. Advice?

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    That's one of the reasons I'm glad I stumbled across this forum to get outsiders view on this as I confined in my best friend only to be told it can't be forced sex if it's my husband, I knew deep down that wasn't right. Thank you for confirming this for me.
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    Is your friend living in the 1860s??? Spousal rape is absolutely a real thing and is illegal. Leave him. Leave his abusive, fucked up ass. He doesn't love you- he controls you.
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    Please report this! Leave him and file charges on him for rape. He needs this conviction to be on his record so he doesn't do this to some other girl. He needs help certainly but his future girlfriends/SOs need to know what he did.

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    If you didn't consent it's rape plain and fucking simple. You need to file a report, get a restraining order and get the hell out.
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    As someone that was raped when I was younger I am so so sorry! Also it doesn't matter if you did not consent... if you did not want it... then it is rape! It does not matter that he is your husband! He has no right! Hugs! Please run run run! Please report it and get out of the situation!
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    FYI, this thread is 5 months old and the OP has not returned to it. I certainly hope she's safe and okay, but I don't think she's "listening" here any more.
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