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Thread: Naughty letters during BCT??

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    Naughty letters during BCT??

    Sooooo.. advice on mild naughty letters to DF while he is at basic?? Okay? or no way?

    ^^^^^ Holy crap! I'm so sorry! This was a joke and not posted by me… I left my page open on my laptop and someone thought this would be funny. Anyway, I wouldn't send my SO anything like this…
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    No. Anything you send to him may be read by those in charge of his training, and possibly out loud. Keep it clean.
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    No ! No! Are you serious? Dont send him anything you would not say in front of his parents
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    Yes. But skip the mild part.
    And nude photos always help morale.
    I sometimes even send dirty videos on a thumb drive to my man. He promises me that he deletes them right after he watches them, in private. I trust him so I know it's safe.
    And I write "private and personal" on the envelope. That way no one will open the envelope before he gets it. He told me that's a rule the army has to follow.
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