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Thread: Marriage retreats

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    Marriage retreats

    Who else has done one? Through a company, or with the base?

    We are going on one at the end of the month. Two nights, meals, and zip lining paid for buy DH Group chaplains.
    This is coming at a perfect time for us, since we have had a rough couple of months, and will be nice to have a break with just each other and some relationship building time.

    We did one before in England too. That was nice, though we were having huge issues during that time, it really helped, and taught us some good skills for our marriage.
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    I have never been a part of one, but the Marriotts I worked for in San Diego did the CREDO ones, and those families loved it.
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    We've done several through our old base chapel and loved them!
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    I would love to go on a marriage retreat one day!
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    i absolutely hated the marriage retreat we went on in hawaii, but it wouldn't have been quite so bad if i was married to somebody else everybody else seemed to like it and it was cool staying in a nice hotel and getting free meals, but the classes were really boring and overly religious for me, the videos were corny and stupid, and it just was not how i would prefer to spend my time. again though, i was with my ex husband and he is the type of person who makes everything as miserable as possible.
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    I've always found the idea interesting, but they all seem very faith (and Christian faith specifically)-based, and that's not a good fit for us. I think it's unfortunate this resource isn't readily available for non-Christians. (Yes, I know non-Christians can attend, but when there's religious content, that's likely to be very uncomfortable for many.)
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    DH and I did one through the base when he was in the guard. We enjoyed it although it was kind of a bummer that the location they picked was less than 10 minutes from our house. It would've been nice to get away a bit more! Lol. I am not religious and although there was the religious undertone we gained some useful tools.
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    I want to do one so bad with DH but timing hasn't lined up quite right yet.
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    I've never been married, but my DF said he went to one several years out of Fort Campbell. He said it would've probably been more effective for couples that didn't have major issues in their relationship. It also doesn't help when one of the guys that your ex was with is at the same retreat with his wife.
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    We went to one through a local friend's church that was only two days and one night. It wasn't fun at all and everything they were teaching couples to "embrace" and do to "improve their relationships". Is all the type of stuff we are not for/not okay with doing in our relationship at all. Like for example "the woman catering the the man's every need and being in the kitchen/home maker caring for the kids and husband 24/7," Is the kind of stuff they were focusing on, and that is the kind of stuff that would lead us to divorce not bring us closer together. Since part of the issue we were having already was I was starting to feel like his maid/roommate more than his equal partner.. We ended up just hashing out the issues ourselves with some help from family and friends listening to us vent..
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