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Thread: How did you guys meet?

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    How did you guys meet?

    So it always interested me to get the scoop of how military couples meet. It's always super sweet and or funny to hear the stories. I feel oober mushy today as well as bored. Admins, please remove this to the proper category of need to be?

    On the time, I'll go first! Today marks exactly a month Db and I decided to become a "thing" (his word, not mine!)

    We met online on plenty of fish. I was on it for a few months. My requirement on the site of meeting people were pretty strict. The "first date" box, I stated that if anyone wanted to take me out, one had to go through an hour worth of zumba class with me. I will then allow a second meeting. He thought it was pretty dang funny so he agreed. He was the first to sign up and go. After a zumba class and several dates later, he was begging me become exclusive and become a "thing"...I pretty much laughed at his face and said....who's going to be thing one and thing two? After seeing how hurt/disappointed he was of the response I have him, I told him I would give him a shot. Best decision ever. I'm so incredibly happy with this man...

    By the way, he still goes to zumba with me from time to time. Love right there. I think I might want to keep him.
    Oh, Db and I are in our late 20's (I'm 27 and he's 28) he's a New Yorker and I'm from Morocco living in the states. Forgot to include thar in my original post.
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    DH and I 're-met' in a mall near the post he was stationed at. It was fate.

    I was there visiting a childhood friend from a campground that my grandparents were members of. His parents were also members of the campground. He had just gotten back from deployment a couple weeks earlier and was there with some friends. When he saw my friend and I he came over and asked if we were "name&name." We were! So when we got to talking, we exchanged phone numbers and have been inseperable since then. This area is about 4 hours away from the campground we went to, so I really feel like it was meant to be when I went to visit her.

    We have been together for going on 3 years now, married for 1 month (April 10th).
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    Just a header, I'm moving this to Love Shack since it's all about the mushy feels of relationships but I wanted to let you know!

    Anyways, DH and I also met online, we met on OkCupid though! We had talked for about a month when he fell off the face of the planet so I just figured he lost interest but about a month later he popped back up again and shot me a message apologizing saying he had a lot going on. Usually I would of been like yeahhh no but he seemed really genuine so I messaged him back. After blowing him off 3 times for a date, I finally agreed to go out with him in August of 2012 so he drove down from Fort Hood to where I lived in Georgetown and we went to dinner at a really nice restaurant and then we went to a bar where there was a country concert playing and we danced and drank and had a blast together. About a week later, he came over and cooked me dinner at my house and then shortly after that, we went on a day date where he met my daughter. The rest is pretty much history we went and met his family in December of 2012 in Washington state and then he proposed in February 2013 and we were married about 2 and a half months later on May 11th. We just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary and we are happier than ever! We're legally changing DD's last name to match ours in July of this year and now we have a house and a dog and everything is just awesome
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    We met at my work, his sister and I worked together. Even though I never said anything, she told him I wanted his number. He drove off without giving the ok and I sighed in relief that I had dodged that bullet. However, it wasn't long til she called me in tote office cause he had called wanting to k is which girl she was talking about (there were 2 of us there) and how old I was. Lol I didn't want to be rude so I called him. We talked on the phone for 3 weeks before our first date. I was 18 and he was 23. I was fresh out of a verbally abusive relationship and he was fresh out of the Navy. Neither of us were seeking a serious relationship so we agreed to keep it casual. Lol Well, I'm now 33, he is 38, and we have 4 kids. Lol Things didn't stay casual.

    As a side note: it is fun when I say we went to the same high school. We always get asked if we were high school sweethearts. We didn't even meet til after both of us had graduated and we graduated 4 years apart.
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    We met in high school and dated briefly. I spent all of HS pretty much in love with him, but I broke up with him after a few weeks because I was just so shy and overwhelmed. We stayed in each others lives, to varying degrees and in varying ways and after college (for him, and toward the end of it for me),we found ourselves both single and we decided to give it a go.

    I like to say that he's the first boy I ever kissed, and the last, even if there were a few in the middle!
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    Cute story, OP.

    I met my husband almost 7 years ago at a club. He just got back from a deployment. I just graduated college and was celebrating. I got him to dance with me. The dress I was wearing was riding up my leg and he pulled it down for me. Haha. At the end of the night, I gave him my phone number.
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    We met at a party a little over two months ago. DB knew the host, but nobody else, as he'd just gotten stationed in the area a couple of weeks ago. I came in and saw him immediately because he's too tall to miss at 6'7". I introduced myself and liked his firm handshake and his smile. I could tell from his haircut he was in the service.

    "Marines or Navy?"
    "It's that obvious, huh?"

    We chatted for a little bit before I made my rounds and said hi to my friends who were there, but our eyes kept meeting across the room. Finally, I went back over and invited him to join the group I'd been conversing with. We all talked together until the party was over, and a couple of my friends wanted to go out for some beer. I was game, and I invited him along. The four of us went to a bar and eventually, the other two split. DB and I kept talking and eventually doing the whole flirtatious-touching game, and it was pretty clear there was mutual interest.

    Around midnight or so, he walked me to my car and we kissed goodnight. Well, more aptly, we spent about half an hour making out by my car. I gave him my number, and the rest, as they say, is history.
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    Aww I'll join in all your stories are so cute

    I met DF in middle school we were super good friends and have always had a crush on each other. Since then we've been in and out of each other's lives, mostly my fault I always had a boyfriend ha. There were a few times we'd be talking but our timing was always off. Finally about a year ago I was like the heck with it and just messaged him because I still had feelings for him and I thought I was completely crazy thinking he'd have feelings for me still But he did! And we've been going strong every since and are now engaged I'm so lucky to have him. I have a son and DF has accepted us with open arms and I am just so incredibly thankful for that. He is just an awesome person

    (Sorry might have over done it on the smileys haha)
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    Dh and I met online, super young. I was 15 It was a nerdy website. We were online friends/penpals for like 7+ years while he did his Navy thing and I did the college +high school sweetheart thing. After I dumped my ex, I starting chatting with DH more, told him he was hot and I was interested . We met in person and that was that!
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    Aww all of these are super adorable <3 DB and I met through my cousin, LOL we were just friends for 7 years because I would go down to GA (where he is from) for the summer and then one day after he went on a date and was talking to me I realized "oh shit, I like him" lol but he was with this girl who was SUCH a bitch so I hid my feelings for months until he and this girl kinda ended and I took it as my sign...Well turns out he liked me too and, Now almost 2 years in we are still together <3 I love that we both have alot in common but also have our own interests
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