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Thread: Where you met..because we haven't had one of these in a while :)

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    First week of college at Rutgers University

    I was a part of Douglass College, the all girls campus at RU, and he was part of College Ave. Anyhoochie, his roomie was dating my roomie, so he came by and I was a horrid stuck up bitch but he liked me anyway. We didn't speak again until we were 21 and reconnected at Olde Queens Tavern in the main part of town.

    So yeah, a total Rutgers love story
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    DH and I met in high school, computer programming. We were friends only and didn't date until two years later, after I graduated. He graduated a year earlier, moved away to go to college, didn't keep in touch, but when I saw him again after graduation, we hit it off. After a month of being just friends and hanging out almost daily, we decided to date. I can't remember anything about our first few dates lol. We were broke college students!

    Skylah, we know a ton of people who met on WoW! I introduced one of my best guy friends to his future wife on there hehe. We were wiping in MC (back in the vanilla days), and everyone was super frustrated. I was yelling like crazy (guild leader/raid leader), and she was getting mad at me so she spoke up. He said it was love at first word. She said, "Stop." LOL. Anywho, we didn't know each other in real life, but found out she only lived 3 hrs away. We met up for a double date. Guy friend, her, DH and me. 1 year later, they were married!
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    I love reading these.

    I hope I'm not cheating by posting... as me and DB aren't married! But here's our story, which is still just beginning: A friend of mine got out of a two year relationship with a guy she thought she was going to marry, and decided to start using Tinder to get back in the game. She was going on a shit ton of dates and was having a lot of fun, and finally I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Just for fun, to talk to people who actually had interest in talking to me. Not for anything serious. Joined Tinder and the very first guy I started talking to (although there were others I matched and talked with a bit) was the only one I met in person. We talked on Tinder for a few days before moving on to texting and boy we talked all day every day. One of those days I had been craving ice cream all day so I mentioned it to him and after a long conversation about why I should go get ice cream if I wanted it, even if it was 9 PM on a work night, and an offer from DB to bring me the ice cream, we decided to go out for ice cream that Saturday.

    Then we dated for about a month before I realized he'd stolen my heart and we decided to make it official. And now here we are.
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    I don’t feel so weird seeing that many other people met on OkCupid!

    My DB and I met on OkCupid by crazy chance. He was in A School on the East coast. I live on the West coast. He got his orders for moving and changed his location to look for friends and someone to date. I was looking for a companion, friendship, maybe more and hadn’t been finding anything but guys who wanted sex.

    I messaged him first. A random thing about trying to come up with something to say without actually saying anything at all. His reply was long, funny, sarcastic, and almost immediate. Our messages got longer and longer for three days. Then we called each other. Our first phone call lasted 7 hours. We stayed up all night talking. Texted constantly and started Skypying nearly every night.

    Six weeks later we had our first actual date after he moved out here. Had dinner and spent the night watching movies and talking. The next day I gave him a tour of Seattle. The next weekend of tour of the Peninsula.

    We haven’t been together long, only 3 months, but really he had me hooked after our 7 hours on the phone. I’ve been giddy since then.
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    We "met" at the shore early this summer.. We've actually known who each are since high school and have a lot of the same friends. He even would visit his friends who went to my college and would be staying in the same dorm as me a lot. But we never really did too much interacting til he came over to me one night while I was just sitting at the end of the bar with another friend. We ended up spending the whole night together and I thought it was just going to be a fling, but then we spent the whole next day together and every weekend together until he had to leave for Japan. Now that he is there, we've been texting and I have been sending him care packages. There is no other guy I care about or care to talk to, no matter how far he is or when we will get to see each other again. Not going to lie though, as much as I do care about him and pray everyday that this will all continue to work out, it still scares me a lot.
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    We met online as well (POF lol). He was stationed near my home, we met up for drinks and hit it off. We dated for many months then he got his orders overseas, now a year and many miles apart later we are officially engaged and planning our wedding for Summer 2015!
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