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Thread: Talk to me about OkCupid

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    Talk to me about OkCupid

    Has anyone here had success? Is it mainly horribly frustrating? I signed up for an account earlier today and I'm wary
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    I'm a huge fan of online dating, seeing as that's how I met my now husband and father-to-be of my child I think it cuts a lot of the crap out of the beginning to know you stuff and you know if you have similar goals and desires about a relationship. It can be tiresome but I think the best advice is not to half ass your profile. Be you, but be specific and upfront about what you're looking for. Be open minded about meeting and dating of you have stuff in common (I couldn't tell how cute DH was from his photos, lol, and because I was teaching at the time, I didn't put any photos up).
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    I loved it, but I understand that online dating isn't for everyone. I am most comfortable online as that was the era I grew up in - chatting on AOL Instant Messenger was second nature so dating online seemed like the best route for me. I loved OkCupid because it was free and had lots of options for being a free website. You can put as much or as little information in your profile as you want, answer questions to help narrow down your matches, send messages and winks to members, and there is even an Instant Message feature on the website itself and and app for your phone.

    You just have to remember standard internet safety protocol such as meeting in public. I am a fan of chatting online for awhile before meeting so you can get a sense of how 'real' the person is. And I love the idea of looking at their profile and vetoing profiles based on the information they already provided.

    I will warn you, I am biased. My DH and I met on OkCupid ^_^

    Happy hunting!
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    DH used OKCupid, but we met on He liked it ok, but he said the paid services got rid of a lot of people who were not serious about it. That's why I went with too.
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    I met Dh on there .

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    I met exDB and DH online, not OKC, but another site. Internet dating worked for me because I have a hard time branching out to meet new people. I do second the safety reminder. I also found that a paid site did weed out some, and I stress SOME, of the weirdos.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    I met my husband on okcupid. There were a few creeps. I think saying "I have 4 kids" in my bio turned quite a few away
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    I met DH on OKCupid. I met a few other people that it didn't work out with but it wasn't horrible or anything, I mean most dates don't turn into relationships even IRL so it wasn't a big deal to me. Personally I don't ever see myself paying for a dating service so I knew I wanted one of the free sites and I liked OKCupid the best.

    Basically my approach was - meet the person as soon as possible (I knew I didn't want an online relationship at all) but meet them safely. Then proceed like "regular" dating.
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    I met DH on OKCupid! There are your fair share of creepers and straight up weirdos on there but that happens with online dating anywhere you go. It worked for me because it was free and it was just fun I guess? The questions were entertaining, some of the people I met were entertaining and then when I met DH, it all seemed to fall into place. It is what you make it!

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    I used it on and off for about two and a half years. While many do not have great success, especially men, it was my preferred dating site. I like the layout, the questionnaire/survey, the matching system, the general vibe. I met and dated quite a bit from there, and three led to relationships, including my current (2nd) husband.

    I used A-list. I liked having those features. Also, as many I've spoken to have discovered, success depends on a lot of factors, like your target demographic, region/location, age, profile, photos, etc. My best matches were in metro/progressive cities like L.A., the Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, D.C.,/NOVA, Chicago, Atlanta, and the NE.

    I actually prefer online dating to any other medium. Every person I dated I met online. I also didn't seriously consider talking to someone unless our match percentage was at least 90% with at least 500 questions answered. I had a couple other profiles before my last one, and I never answered less than 700 questions. I was up to 1400 by the time DH and I deleted our profiles. He answered 1600. How you answer questions affect your match results/percentages. The answers are weighted based on the answer itself and how important it is to you.

    And, as many say, you get out what you put in. I really enjoyed my time on there and had an overall good experience. A lot of women talk about the shirtless and douchebaggy photos, which aren't so uncommon, and the barely filled out profiles. When I browsed the "locals" section, which wasn't often, I'd see all sorts of undesirables, but if I stuck to searching for matches based on match percentage, no problems. I also think the age range plays a role in that, too. I received messages from shirtless dudes who were not good matches, and also younger, but not so for the late 30's to early 40's range, which I focused on exclusively for most of my online dating adventures.

    The blog is pretty cool, too. I get a kick out of it.
    Pax, Aeon
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