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Thread: Did I really just get away with that?

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    Did I really just get away with that?


    DH called me while he was looking at shoes and I actually convinced him to go looking at the women's shoe department for a pair of black heels that he thought might look good on me for an upcoming event.

    DH: You want ME, a guy, to go by myself to look at women's shoes? Why can't you do it when you get here?
    Me: Cause I won't have time to go looking at a bunch of stores when I get there

    Later on he texts me three pics of shoes and then texts "Not sure of the price of the last two, started feeling creepy and the woman working there started watching me"

    Guess I finally got him back for last year when he told me to order the "Brasierre" beer at a pub but he pronounced it "Brassierre" (as in bra) instead of bra-see-eh. And so.. When I went to the bar, I said "Can I get a brasierre?"

    My how the years have changed, ten years ago I could never imagine him doing that for me. It's sweet and hilarious all at the same time
    The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot do!
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    Awww how sweet
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    That is really sweet!

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    Bahaha! That is just too cute and hilarious! <3

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