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Thread: Little Surprises, Lots of Love

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    Little Surprises, Lots of Love

    I didn't really know where this should go, so I figured here would be the best.

    DH and I have had a rough couple of weeks adjusting to pressure from each others' parents, figuring out DEERS and everything else that comes along with being married. It doesn't help that he is in Tech school and insanely stressed due to tests, etc. Today I came home from a long day of work filled with one grouchy kiddo to the most beautiful vase of flowers I have ever seen. To top it off he made sure to have them put both my favorite and his favorite flower in it. Though things get tough at times I am beyond grateful to have this man in my life and cant wait to spend every second with him once he gets back home!
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    Aww that's so sweet! Hang in there!
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    Aww that is sweet!

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    So glad his gesture made your day!

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