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Thread: It only took me six years to realize...

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    It only took me six years to realize...

    DH loves homemade cookies. This seems so simple and obviously

    I never really thought one way or the other about cookies, just made them occasionally when I felt like it (maybe twice a year?). I realized today that every time I make them, in any variety, he tells me they are the best cookies he has ever had and that he loves them. He's not super into food, so that's a really over the top response for him (and totally because they can't all be the best). I guess because we/he never eats or requests cookies from the store, I just didn't connect all these dots.

    I couldn't think of the appropriate forum for this random realization so to make this not completely pointless...

    Have you ever realized something about your SO that seems glaringly simple and obvious that you probably should have figured out before?

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    My husband can bake some killer cookies I had no clue he could bake and then one day I come home and boom. Racks of cookies everywhere. He can make a bunch of other really yummy things too

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