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Thread: Seeing Someone New

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    Seeing Someone New

    So some of you might remember that I called things off with ex-DB/DF about a month ago. It was hard but looking back I know 1000% that it was the right thing to do for me. I decided recently to reach out to some acquanitances and see if there was any chemistry there still. Well I started talking with one and we had a date. Now I'm seeing him again tonight. I couldn't be happier with how he treats me. He calls when he says he will. He pays attention to me. He's sent me flowers. He complements me on things other than physical complements. He loves my accomplishments and my goals. Its just refreshing and I wanted to share

    Oh and PS: He's Airforce lol
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    I'm glad you are feeling better and having some fun.

    But please be cautious. Three weeks ago, you were engaged to another man and now you are already on a second date with someone else, so that roughly two weeks between guys. It's almost always better to take some time and let the dust settle before moving on to new serious relationships. We see it go wrong here at MSOS (and in life!) all the time and it very rarely works out. Everyone thinks they will be the exception, but almost no one is. There's a reason that the conventional wisdom is what it is.

    So enjoy yourself, but be cautious and make sure your learned all the lessons from the last relationship and that you've healed and come to a healthy place. Good luck!
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