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Thread: Ex and I

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    Ex and I

    So the ex and I have gone on a few dates since the break up. Just trying to be fully myself. We talked about the reasons for the break up and want to give it another shot but take it slow. Any advice from ppl. I realize that some believe it can never work again. I happen to believe if you can recognize what went wrong and it can work. I'm just excited but I don't want to be stupid in that excitement. And by another shot I don't mean we are back together. I mean we are going on several dates and seeing where it takes us.
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    Just recognizing what caused the breakup isn't going to fix it. I mean I recognize what caused the breakup with my ex and wouldn't want him back. If you think you can work post it and through it and work on each other and not let it happen again, I suppose it can work out. Good luck!
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    I have no advice, I am in the same situation as you. Just good luck!
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    My only advice would be try to be as objective as possible and really sit and take a look at how the problems y'all had have or will change. It think it's very easy to get caught up in the feelings of being with someone so familiar again, and the same problems are still there. Good luck! I don't necessarily think its wrong to get back with an ex.
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    If both are willing to work on the problem, not just recognize it, why it shouldnt work out again. it is just nothing I would do because I think and ex is called an ex because of a reason.. The problems will be still the same at least at the beginning.. it is also hard to change habits. I would be myself dont get to fast into old feelings. See if he is willing to work on it as well. be honest to him and most important to yourself. If you think there is something not right I would step away..
    I wish you good luck.
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    From your other thread I would be very cautious.

    I *personally* wouldn't give a chance if he said he can't be happy in this relationship. I could understand being in different paths in life (like wasn't ready for a family, focusing on career, etc) but can't be happy? That's a huge blow.
    I used to know someone who would say 1 thing, but do the complete opposite in our relationship. It wasn't going to be fixed, but hey; I knew better and still chose him to be mine at the time.

    If you feel you want to work things out, by all means communicate your concerns about his behavior, figure out what should change, create a stable foundation of honesty in your relationship.

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