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Thread: Gotta brag on my DB

  1. we were all rooting for you
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    we were all rooting for you
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    Gotta brag on my DB

    So, I totally had a long and stressful 13 hour work day, but DB made it amazing. I came home for a 20 minute lunch break and checked the mail, and he'd sent me an adorable early Valentine's card from Etsy - it was custom made and hand carved from wood to look like a postcard, and had the sweetest message. When I came home from work tonight, my late Christmas present had finally arrived! He ordered me a custom made race medal hanger and picture frame. It's made of cherry wood and has my favourite running quote on it ("Nothing will work unless you do"). My 20+ race medals have just been hanging on my closet door and now they have a real, dedicated place to hang. He's just so sweet - even when thousands of miles away while deployed, he's making me a priority. And he said there's more surprises on the way this week!! I love my DB!

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    That's amazing!!! You've got a keeper

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