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Thread: Who can help tell me about their wedding experiences?

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    Who can help tell me about their wedding experiences?

    1. If you had a super small wedding..... did you later feel like you missed out on anything or regret anything?

    2. If you had a larger wedding.... did you later look back at all and feel like you could have been just as happy doing it smaller? To save the time, stress, and money, or whatever else your reasons may be.

    Still very undecided as far as which direction I want to go with mine so any info is helpful!
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    We had 100 people at our wedding. I felt like it was perfect. We had pretty much everyone who was important to is there and were were able to mingle and say hello to everyone during the reception without feeling completely overwhelmed.
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    We got married in DH's Aunts back yard. I had a dress from a prom store that cost less than $100. DH's family made the food. I loved it. We had family and a few close friends, DH bought a suit from Kohls. We had a friend of mine and his brother stand up with us. I wouldn't change a thing. It was beautiful and amazing, and didn't put us in debt.
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    Well, I mean we did a JOP with just us, and then later a "big" wedding of about 75-100 people (I honestly don't know ). I absolutely love how it turned out but that's just because it fit us so well. I loved the JOP being just us, our marriage is about us and it was special to have it be really intimate. I also liked that when the big ceremony rolled around, I wasn't nervous at all because we'd already been married over a year. DH and I were very apathetic to a big family wedding, but my parents insisted. As such, they paid for and planned it. I did almost nothing. I picked out my dress, googled some vows and chose which song we would dance to. Everything else was planned by my mom and friend, they'd just make sure I was okay with it. The big wedding ended up being awesome, and much more satisfying than I had anticipated. It was awesome, partly because we live out of state, so sharing our happiness and love and commitment to each other with family was really nice.

    That being said, I think it's totally individual as to what you'll be happy with or regret. If DH and I never had the big wedding, I would have been just as happy and content because a big wedding sounded like expensive stress to me, but after experiencing it, I was really grateful for that gift from my parents and family.
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    We had the big, fancy dream wedding...there were about 125 people there and it was exactly what I wanted. I don't regret a single thing about it! Would I have been happy with a small wedding? the end of the day, if I was still married to my favorite person, of course I'd be happy! However I'm very grateful that we were able to have a large wedding and wonderful celebration.
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    It could be worse.
    I did the big wedding that my mother expected because that was what my mother wanted and it matter much more to her than it did to me. It was a very nice wedding and I don't regret it but I would have done a much smaller wedding.
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    We had a medium wedding- 127 people. It was perfect. It was expensive as all hell but it was magical. I felt like the belle of the ball. It was small enough that I got to be with everyone, but large enough that it was still a party. LOVED it.
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    We had a "big" destination wedding of 100. It was important for DH and I to have our families together for our wedding celebration. We knew it would be our only chance to have all the people we love together in the same place (his family is all over the US and mins is in Canada).

    I know DH would have been just as happy with a smaller wedding, maybe just us, parents, siblings... But I would have felt like I missed out on a traditional wedding. My family is Italian and even though I was never someone who dreamed of their wedding day and all the details... I still wanted everyone all together for our celebration since we are always together for every other big event.

    Our big wedding was worth all the money, all the stress, all the planning and every ounce of hard work. It was beautiful, the food was delicious, the bar was open and we partied til 4am. I'm so glad DH and I stuck it out and waited to plan our big wedding.
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    We had a very small wedding. We invited only 40. I didn't want a wedding at all, just a JOP, but a wedding was important to DH and his parents. In the end, I like that it was small. I don't like huge events that swallow me up and since DH and I paid for the whole thing ourselves, we couldn't afford more. What would I change? I might have left a little more lag time between the engagement and the wedding so more people that were invited could make plans to show up. Otherwise, the day was just what I wanted, I got to walk down the aisle to DH and have my dad give me away (and I got my JOP 2 months before the wedding )

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    We had a tiny wedding at a chapel in Vegas, just us, my parents, and DH's father. It was perfect for us. I don't feel like I missed anything because it just wasn't in the cards for us. It was a fun day.
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