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    6 5.66%
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    2 1.89%
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    9 8.49%
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  • 9

    10 9.43%
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    12 11.32%
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Thread: How is your relationship with your MIL?

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    How is your relationship with your MIL?

    There have been a lot of posts about in laws lately and I'm curious: how is your relationship with your mother-in-law? I'm putting a scale of 1-10 poll so it's easy to see where the average falls. 1 is awful, 10 is awesome!

    DF's mom and I do okay. We're really different personalities so that makes it difficult for me sometimes but she's well intentioned. It doesn't cause too much strain other than I can't do long periods with her before I'm worn out
  2. Mermaids4Lyfe, YO!
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    4-5....then again, I don't interact with her unless I HAVE too..
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    Let's be honest; Okinawa is not Japan.

    8. She's nice, but we're different
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    1-10 scale 1 being don't get along at all, I'd say we're a 1.5 or 2 maybe.

    My MIL regularly makes snide remarks about my weight and DH and I's relationship. She was fine until right before we got married, after we said I do she went crazy and it's gotten a lot worse. She told DH she thinks I'm "uppity" because DH and I have a good life and we live within our means. We have a nice house and a nice car but we also both work our butts off to have those things. She doesn't work and my FIL barely makes ends meet and she's pretty bitter that she thinks we're doing better than they are.

    The only time she LIKES me is when she's calling and asking to "borrow" money which she never pays back on time if at all.

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    Oh god idk how to number it. I love her like my own mom (except less of course) I love her but she annoys me a lot, but she's not awful.
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    Amazing. I love my MIL. She is totally fantastic.
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    I have an amazing relationship with my MIL. DH on the other hand does not have a great relationship with her, but, he is trying. She was a little off-putting when I first met her but as I've learned more about her, she really does have good intentions even if her delivery is poor. She loves me and has been very accepting of me and ODD into the family.
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    It's weird. Don't know how to describe it. We get along, but I don't think I'll be comfortable with her, ever. I don't trust the relationship or that she's genuine, I guess.
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    She's not my MIL (yet!) but she tells me to call her that For some reason she's enamored with the thought of DB and I getting married and she keeps encouraging us to do so.

    I rated our relationship an 8, she always invites me to get togethers and talks to me regularly. She pokes fun at me and lets me poke fun at her. I'm still very awkward and shy around her because she is my elder, but I like her a lot
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