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Thread: Anniversary presents

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    Anniversary presents

    So Dh and I's 1 year anniversary (for marriage) is soon and I'm trying to pick out his presents.

    Our first dating anniversary I got him a fancy airbrush for painting models. (I got an engagement ring and a Lego set )
    Last year we got married 2 days after our dating anniversary and I got him a whole bunch of snow gear because we went to Jackson Hole, WY in January for our honeymoon and he didn't own anything warmer than a sweatshirt.

    He wants to do "traditional" anniversary presents and year 1 is paper. So part of his gift this year is a Minecraft papercraft set. I know he got me some antique books because I caught him browsing my bookshelf intently and then our bank statement showed charges from an antique book seller He also got me jewelry or clothes (all he said was "it will look really good on you" ) so I'm trying to pick out something similar for him for the rest of his present.

    What kind of stuff did you give/get for anniversaries? What was your favorite?
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    DH & I just buy something for the house now. This year it was a furnace!
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    Your papercraft thing sounds really cool and is totally creative for a paper anniversary gift! I can't really help, we just gave each other cards and did nice things for each other We're going on a trip next month so we decided not to give extra gifts.
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    DH and I don't do anniversary presents I'm starting to think we are in a minority on that though.
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    Our first anniversary he got me paper roses, and I printed up the lyrics to our song and put it in a frame to send to him while he was deployed, along with a book of fun stuff to see on a road trip since we'd be driving cross country the next year.

    Last year I got him an engraved business card holder and desk calendar for his office.

    This year, I'm stuck. No idea what to do.
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    ours is coming up soon too and its our first year together and first year married. Idk what he is doing for me but i am getting this private photo shoot done with some lingerie and give it to him and just for pretty excited about it!
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    Here are some ideas:

    First Year Anniversary Gifts - Traditional Anniversary Gifts -

    Quote Originally Posted by eelizah View Post
    DH and I don't do anniversary presents I'm starting to think we are in a minority on that though.
    I am with you. We have been married for 15 years & I don't think we've ever given each other an anniversary gift.
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    First year, I got him an engraved pocket knife. Second year I took a trip to visit him in Virginia, so no physical gifts were exchanged.
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    I forget what we did for our first anniversary...
    For our second, we got a nice clock for the living room.
    This year, we're getting new rings (I'm pretty excited, I haven't seen them yet, but I think mine is purple )

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    he usually gives me flowers and i give him sex
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