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Thread: For all of you married women (and men) out there...

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    For all of you married women (and men) out there...

    1. If you could go back and change one thing about your wedding what would that one thing be? 2. Any advice for a bride to be about planning a wedding?
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    I would realize there was a hair tie around my wrist and I guess have DH's family there! We got married pretty quickly but it was great the way it turned out!
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    I loved my ceremony, it was picturesque and everything I could of imagined it to be. But I was rushed through my reception due to people having to leave or wanting pictures, insert food here or announcement here, I wanted to kill my SIL if I could go back I just wouldn't let the nitpicky little things from my reception bother me. Also I would of put snacks out on our tables for guests waiting on pictures to be over and played some more dancey music

    OHHH and got a different photographer, mine royally pissed me off and even then her pictures weren't as great of quality as she promised and then I went through this huge fiasco just to get my photos after the wedding I'd definitely change that.

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    The only thing I would change is the DJ. He was a family friend, and he was cheap, but he was pretty bad. It didn't ruin anything (it was kind of funny), but I would have found a new one or just taken extra time and done an ipod playlist like my sister did.
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    I wish we had more pictures.

    We just did a small JOP wedding and my SIL took pictures for us; I wish we had actually hired a photographer.
    I also wish we had a bigger wedding. Still small, but more than what it was. I think we might do a vow renewal for our 5th anniversary, but vow renewals seem kinda awkward to me, so I don't know...

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    nothing, our wedding was perfect. It had a hitch or 2 but for us it ended up being just what we wanted. that was 14 years ago.
    I would not go back to change anything.
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    If I could go back, I would straighten DH's bowtie. It is crooked in all of our wedding pics!!
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    I would make sure DH & the groomsmen had black socks instead of every one of them wearing white athletic socks

    My advice to you is manage your expectations. Will you be upset if everyone you invite cannot make it due to bad weather? Then don't plan a wedding in the months where weather can inhibit travel. Case in point, my best friend got married in a blizzard because she planned a wedding in December in the Midwest. She was heart broken that much of her family couldn't be there. But at the end of the day I reminded her the whole goal of the wedding, that her and her DH were going to be married and it helped put things into perspective.
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    Not invited my family. Seriously, they're jackasses, and behaved as such at my wedding, and the days prior. Possibly something more helpful would be practice putting rings on each other (I really could not put DH's ring on), and if you have doubts about someone you have hired, take the loss and find someone else. My pastor was over an hour late, she forgot about the rehearsal, and I have photos that are so dark, well...they look like lovely pictures of black construction paper.
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    The only major regret I have about my wedding is that we were both feeling tired (and I was actually kind of sick!) because we were really really badly jetlagged. I don't think there's much we could've done about that though.

    For planning I would say ... it's ok to delegate! If people offer to help you plan, take them up on it for sure. Yeah it's kind of scary not having control over every single aspect of the day, but if you have people can you trust to take care of a few things here and there it can make a world of difference.
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