I know this is a couple of weeks late now but just getting back on here I had to share. This is the most sweetest thing anyone has ever done and didn't just earn brownie points with me but my family too. Well I ended up having to work until 11pm on thanksgiving day. DF ended up dropping me off at work that day but before he did my mom called me and started bragging about the thanksgiving dinner they where going to be having and that she was sorry I wasn't going to make it. After I got off the phone with her DF ended up saying I need your sisters address because I am driving all the way there (its over and hour drive away) just to grab you thanksgiving dinner from your families. I was shocked and really didn't know what to say. It just stunned me that he would do that for me. I kept telling him hey you don't have to do this. he said yes he did because he wanted to do something for me that was special. Oh that just totally made my thanksgiving. and he made my family think very highly of him. They said for once I have a guy that is worth keeping