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Thread: Epiphanies...gotta love 'em.

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    Epiphanies...gotta love 'em.

    And the title this time isn't (necessarily) sarcasm. I just keep having mini epiphanies about the fact that I legitimately like the guy I've been seeing and, even though originally I said I didn't know if I wanted to do a LDR, now I kind of want to anyway (he was just deployed). I always get really excited when I get a "text" message from him, and normally he's able to send multiples throughout the day. But I have the day off from work today so have nothing to do and keep checking my phone. I literally just realized I was doing this and had a "Oh, s***..." moment. (Partially because he's deployed, obviously I shouldn't expect regular texts all the time. And also because I was the one kind of putting the breaks on the relationship, so it's humorous now how much I find myself wanting to be in one. I think another "epiphany" about that was the fact that I realized I had called him my boyfriend in my head and talking to someone and didn't realize it until afterwards. It just felt so natural.)

    Bleh! Lol. This is a bittersweet thing, I think. make this a discussion, I guess. When did all of you know that you wanted to be "official" with your DB/DF/DH/DG/DW?
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    I knew pretty much right away, my DB was kinda like you His last "relationship" was in HS (he's 25), and he didn't want to be in one while in the Navy. I am a total relationship person and I told him I don't really want to just casually date him. He then realized how much he wanted to be in a relationship with me and asked me out

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