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Thread: The Five Year Itch

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    The Five Year Itch

    Has anyone experienced it? How'd you get through it?

    DH and I are still super happy right now but my siggy says 5 years, 5 months and it reminded me that the year we got together, three of my good friends ended their 5-6 years relationships. DH's first marriage also ended around that time frame, as well as one of my sisters first marriage and it made me wonder and look into the "five year" thing back then. At the time I hadn't had a relationship longer than six months, so I wondered how I would feel at five years. So far, it's seriously just gotten better.

    I guess this is more for 5+ year relationships, but anyone really can answer. Do you find things get better, worse or come in waves? I'm just curious
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    I literally can not imagine that long from now... It's like 3 and a half more years till we make it to five. I mean, with the Army, I don't even know if we'll still be in Texas, or even if DH will still be in. Let alone where our relationship will be

    Congratulations on a strong 5 year marriage! It's so awesome that it's only gotten better!
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    The big transformation in my marriage came at ten years. But we are at almost 14 years now and still going strong. From year 11 to now, has been the happiest times of my life

    Five years is great. Congrats!
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    We're at 5 years in January so I'm wondering the same now that you mentioned it So far we still like each other, and now we have our first dog together and we're one happy little family.
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    DB and I are a few weeks away from five years. I have noticed an itch recently but it's getting us more and more into the idea of getting married! We met young and are only 22 now. We'll be hitched before our sixth anniversary if things go our way
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    Hmm. DH and I have been together for seven and a half years and married for six... for us, things have just gotten progressively better. Life throws us different challenges as we go, but every one of them is an opportunity to learn together. I've never made it to five years with anyone else, so I can't say what would have happened around then in my other relationships.
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    5 years would be next month. We are going through a divorce. It was always bad though. The marriage should have never happened.
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    I have always heard it as the 7 year itch. I can say for us, there was no itch at 5 or 7 years. We are on our 12th year married.
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    no we breezed right thru, 2 years, 5 yrs, 7 years, 10 years. next year will be number 14 and to here are a lot changes that year I am fairly certain we will breeze thru that too..
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    I think "7 year itch" is more common. But whether it is 7 or 5, it didn't happen for us, thankfully.

    If I had to pick a worst point for our marriage, I'd say the roughest was around 2.5-3. (By the way, that's years married, not relationship years.)

    I guess in general, I'd say that overall, things get gradually better. It isn't a perfect upward trajectory--there are lots of bumps both up and down--but overall the trend is just upward. I'm excited for what to come and confident that our partnership is strong enough to not only last through it, but to make things better and easier than they'd be if we were on our own.
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