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Thread: Fever!

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    So DB and I had a long talk recently. He told me that he wants to marry me. That looking at me he just thinks, "I have to marry this girl".

    I know he's it for me. We haven't been together that long but it's just right.

    Thing is now I'm just like wondering all the time, does this mean he's going to propose soon? We had said not right away... But I just can't stop thinking about it.

    And wanting it.... I've never been a patient person. So yeah just trying to talk my crazy down before I'm spending all day on Wedding boards on pinterest!
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    First of all it's exciting to find the one you want to be with!

    Second of all, it's fun to look at wedding stuff but I wouldn't get in too much of a hurry for the proposal, make sure he does it in his own time because forcing him or pushing the idea can cause issues.

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    I agree it's fun to look at wedding stuff!

    As for whether he will pop the question soon, nobody knows. I think everyone is different ... some people move pretty fast and some are more content to take it slow but it's nice for them to have the security to know that both partners consider marriage to be something they want.
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    Congratulations! How exciting. I am an impatient person too hehe, I don't see anything wrong with looking at wedding stuff. Sometimes it can calm the impatient people down. But like the ladies said, easy does it ahaah. Enjoy this, it only happens once!

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