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Thread: Getting Serious

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    Getting Serious

    So I'm not sure exactly when we because official...but I'm in a relationship.

    I was talking on and off with this guy "A" for over a year. "A" and I would hardly ever see each other even though we lived 15 minutes from each other. I was tired of his crap...especially after he ditched me when we had plans for Independence Day. Well... That night I ran into my neighbors when I got home and hung out with them. Well, "T" came over my to place afterwards and watched tv with me all night.... and then we went to bed.

    Thinking it was just a one night stand I went on about my day the next day.....and then after I went to bed I get woken up just after midnight to a knock at my door. It was "T". He just got off work and wanted to see me. I was tired and grumpy when woken up so I just let him in and told him I was going back to sleep. He just laid with me and cuddled.

    Over the next week he would come over every few nights when he got off work. Sometimes we'd mess around sometimes we didn't.

    I dubbed him the nickname: Stray Kitty (because you know...once you "feed" a stray cat they keep coming back )

    Then there was a few days where I didn't see him at all... and then randomly he stopped by in the afternoon just to see me. Said he has been working and wanted to let me get my sleep, but he wanted to stop by so I wouldn't think he disappeared on me. Ummmm.....okay. At this point I still don't know what it was we were doing...where we "buddies"? was there something between us?

    Well eventually he started coming over everyday, I let him take the spare key a few times because he was helping me take care of the furbabies when I had to go out of town. After I returned home he would return the spare key to where I kept it at everytime. I liked that he didn't assume he could keep the key. And when he was staying at the apartment for me he would clean up or do the dishes for me.

    Well now he keeps the spare key since he's ALWAYS there. We spend all day together when we are not at work. Then we started going grocery shopping together, going to the laundry mat together....and now we are in a relationship. I think it started the night we were talking about my sex toys (the ones I sell....and what ones I personally own) and we got to talking about threesomes. I told him I would never do that because I don't share my man. And he said good because he's not going to share me... and then we become official.

    Well last night we were talking and decided that he's going to move in. I'm so happy because he is amazing and spoils me!! He helps take care of the furbabies (he and the puppy are best friends), he will give me a massage or foot rubs after I've had a long day. He will clean up for me or if I need hep with anything he always offers to help. He's always telling me I'm beautiful and I don't need to lose weight and I don't need makeup. He's very supportive of my business and helps me get ready for parties. I finally found a great man for once.

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    Kitty has a homeeeeee.
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