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Thread: I don't even know.

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    I don't even know.

    How to title this.

    So, I've been running around like a mad woman for the last 4 weeks. Things have been beyond hectic.

    The last week I was playing the role of chaperone for 20 high school kids in NYC and DC (I'll spare that vent since this is a happy post!) Long story short I ended up at an Airport for 2 days. Basically I flew back and forth between NYC/DC 4 times in 18 hours

    Why is this in love shack you ask? Because the next morning when I was looking like I hadn't slept in 2 days (which I hadn't) or showered (which I hadn't) and I'm asking my lovely friends at Delta some logistical questions at this kid's gate, this Hot Stranger starts talking to me. So we chat, and chat, then I tell him that I need to be at the airport all day. He says they are offering vouchers for people to get bumped off the flight, and wouldn't mind staying with me

    So, I basically had the best first second and third date with said hot stranger at the airport. Once the kid left, we had lunch, and drinks, then headed to the city, and had dinner (and more drinks) then I headed BACK to the airport to catch my flight (I know, I know stranger danger, but I was smart about it)

    I can't even handle my life right now. How does this even happen? I honestly thought I had dreamt the whole thing I was so tired/happy/confused But He emailed me the next day and was like wow did that just happen? Shit hit the fan a million times for me to be at that gate at that time, was not supposed to be there 239874 times over.

    Anyways, we've emailed back and forth since then. He's talking about coming to visit. Not really looking for a relationship right now, but hot stranger is hot so I'll take it.

    Just wanted to entertain y'all with my tales of single girl, because I can't even deal.
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    Glad you had a hot stranger to talk to at the gate, girl. They're always fun, lol. Dh seems to think they're worth sharing with me when he gets home, lol.

    DH: Thank you. ME: For what, babe? DH: For being you.

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    Omg this sounds amazing. Marry him! Such a great "how we met" story!
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    That's kind of a crazy and insane story! It's like something out of the movies
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    Don't you know, don't you know that you're beautiful?
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    I am glad you had such a good time!! That is a great story!
    blondiebabe is my twin! Distance Divas SailorsGoddess is my wifey!
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    Mmmm, hot airport strangers.

    life's a party, rock your body
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    that sounds pretty awesome!
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    Such a great story!

  9. ...and carry a towel.
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    I clearly need to fly more...

    Any chance of pictures?
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    That's like a movie scene.

    for hot airport stranger dangers.

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