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Thread: When did you first say IT

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    Love When did you first say IT

    Those three words? How long had you been together? Did you plan on saying it or did it come out? Were you doing anything special or just veggin on the couch? I wanna hear them!
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    I honestly don't remember exactly I do remember that we'd only been dating a few months, maybe three? we were just hanging out in his car in my parents' driveway and I was trying for like 15 minutes to say it but I was so embarrassed it wouldn't come out, then he finally got it and said something like "me too" haha. It was really lame and awkward.
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    Not a good story >.< The main point was we were drinking.

    ETA: we had been dating like 6 months... I had previously told him I really thought I was falling for him, and he had said something similar once or twice
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    I really can't remember! I know he said it first and we had been dating for a couple months. But beyond that I can't remember any of the details
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    We were hanging out on the couch. He said it first But I can't remember how long we had been dating.
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    We had just gotten back from our Valentine's day dinner and he had gotten me a Build A Bear for the occasion. We went back to his place and I was sitting on is bed, he got up to go to the bathroom and as he was shutting the door, he just kind of let it slip out, lol. He opened the door after a couple of seconds and said "I really mean that too." I said it back to him after that and we've been bugging the crap out of each other ever since.

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    We were barely 15 and at the movies DH (obviously DB at the time) kissed me and said "you know I live you, right?" I said it back and that was that

    ETA we were together about a month
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    We had been together about five months, it was the night he picked me up from the airport after he got back from Iraq. We weren't doing anything special, we had dinner and went back to his place and we were about to go to sleep and he said it.

    I wanted to say it for a while before but I wouldn't do it over Skype. And yes, I do realize this makes us sound like dumb teenagers.
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    Oh god haha. It was the week before he left for Germany. He have me his airman's pin and jacket and said that he would be waiting for me and that was proof. Then he told me he loved me. It would have been the perfect moment of I had said it back at that time, but I was wary about it going so fast(although I did feel that way also).

    I ended up saying it later right before we for the first time. I am so romantic.

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    It was kind of funny actually. DH and I were writing back and forth to each other in a notebook because the train we were on to my grandma's house was full, so we got separated. And in that, we got on the subject of the future. And something was said about love, and I said "Is that what you feel?" and he said "Yes. I love you, and I think I have for a while now" Which was funny because we had only been dating about three weeks at this point. Lol. But we were an instant match so I wasn't too surprised.

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