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Thread: Your Favorite Relationship Program?

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    Your Favorite Relationship Program?

    What was your favorite military sponsored relationship building program / class / course / getaway etc. that you've attended and where were you stationed at the time?

    (Unit sponsored is fine too).

    I really like one hosted by our unit in Stuttgart, Germany where we took a weekend retreat to the Alps and stayed at Edelweiss lodge. It was a couple days of relationship building and then some skiing and site seeing.
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    I haven't been to one, but skiing sounds good...

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    I haven't been on one yet, but oh man... anything that involved skiing and warm fuzzies with relationship building?! Heck yes I'd go!
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    We went to two through the Strong Bonds. When we got married, the chaplain who married us suggested them to us and I found them really good. The best one, though, was the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage by Mark Gungor. We basically just watched a DVD and then talked about it. I thought it was great advice and it was funny too.

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