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Thread: For your wedding,What did you splurge on?

  1. simply_sweetx0
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    For your wedding,What did you splurge on?

    Was it your dress, flowers, photo booth, photographer, ,DJ, Band, location or food?

    I am in the beginning stages of planning our vow renewal, I want a photographer because we didn't have one when we got married. Just family took pictures.
  2. Dancing Backwards in High Heels
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    Booze My dress was a steal, we made our flowers, used my church so no "real" fee, just a donation, community center reception, local cater, just made sure I had plenty to drink!
  3. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Nothing we had an on the fly wedding so everything was on the cheap and easy! But we did have two cakes and a cookies cake. Knowing me I would splurge on food because to me good food pretty much makes or breaks an event for me.
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    The invitations... I fell in love with them.

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    Dress. I went in with a idea of what I wanted to spend and it ended up being like $500 more than what I originally expected once we had alterations and everything done. But it was worth it!

  6. Account Closed
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    Venue (which includes a separate ceremony space, coordinator & food/booze)

    We figured it was what we were going to spend the most 'time' enjoying all day + backdrop for all the pictures, so if was worth splurging on the venue.

    I am super excited about our photographer, too. I wanted her before I knew her price. She ended up being super reasonably priced (and is travelling on her own dime!) so, some may consider her fee a splurge, but it was not considering what I know what some friends/family have paid for similar services.
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    Food - I never remember the "details" of a wedding, I just remember if the food was good and I had a good time.

    Photographer - We wanted to have great pictures we would love looking at for years to come, so getting a quality photographer was important for us.
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    Photography, food, and booze are the important bits for us. My dress is $245, and will probably be around $500 with alterations. The things that are important to me are good photos, delicious food, and plenty of alcohol. The way I see it, is that I'm putting on a fancier party. DH and I love to host as it is, and so I think the things that are important to be a good host apply for a wedding. The only other thing that I think is important is the photography, since I'm working my ass off to make sure I look damn good that day--I want to make sure it's captured WELL for forever. Luckily, our neighbor did wedding photography for 20 years, and he took shots of our "little wedding" (we're also having a big wedding/vow renewal May 2014). I was blown away by how amazing they were. We're getting him to shoot the big wedding too, and paying him $1500 with complete digital access to all the photos he takes and edits, which is a steal! The majority of the rest of the budget will be food and booze

    Oh--we also have lots of friends flying in from the east coast with small children. We wanted them to be able to attend without having to spend even more money to hire a babysitter, so we are hiring one of the church workers to come in and watch the 4-5 kids so that our friends can stay and enjoy themselves. To us, that was a completely worthwhile expense so that we could drink and have fun with friends that we don't get to see very often.
  9. I was the perfect mom, until I had kids.
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    We didn't splurge on anything because it was planned in 3 weeks, so our budget was very limited.

    Whenever we do vow renewals the 2 things I really want are a good photographer (since we never got one and our pictures aren't professional at all), and a dress I'm in love with. My dress was nice, but it wasn't my dream dress, but due to money, I had to settle.

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    I splurged on my dress! Everything else I could careless about. I loved my dress!
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