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View Poll Results: How often do you go on date nights with your SO (when they are not deployed)?

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    15 30.00%
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Thread: Date nights?

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    Date nights?

    How often do you go on date nights with your SO? If you have kids what do you do to make sure you keep them going?

    DH and I have them whenever we feel like it or want to get out on our own. Even with the geobachelor thing, we still keep it to once a month or so. Sometimes more. Usually it is going out to eat or a movie, whatever we feel like at the time. It isn't like there is a set day or big event planning, its pretty casual
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    Once a week(ish)... But we're still newly weds with no kids
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  3. be silly. be honest. be kind.
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    Maybe once every couple weeks. And our only kid is a furry one

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    twice a week usually.

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    Usually twice a week.
  6. I was the perfect mom, until I had kids.
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    I was the perfect mom, until I had kids.
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    We did a date night every week before DS. After him, and once we got settled in a routine, it was usually every other week.

    Now it's usually once a month.

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    At least once a week. We try to go out to eat once a week, it's one of our indulgences. We also do a lot of "date-y" stuff together, like hikes/bike rides/etc. but I really don't consider those to be dates. Usually one or two times a week we cuddle up and watch a movie too. We would do it more, but more often than not I fall asleep before the movie's over and it annoys DH.
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    Once a week.
  9. I just can't even...
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    Every night is a date night pretty much since we don't have kids
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    We go for walks/jogs almost every day. The only times we don't are when it rains or DH gets off work too late. It probably isn't datish to most and we do take the baby but she tends to go to sleep so we get 1 1/2 to 2 hours to ourselves to talk, go to a store (yes we've walked to a few lol), grab a bite to eat, etc. And about 2-3 times a week we'll leave the baby with ODD if she just went down for a nap and go out to eat or run to do something just by ourselves real quick. We don't go to the theater much but we have movie nights just DH and I at least once a week. For things like the khaki ball, where we stay out for several hours or overnight then we have a couple babysitters. One is the realtor that sold our house. She has 3 girls herself. And the other is the 20yr. old DD of a former co-worker of DH's. Things like that though are only 1-3 times a year. Those nights cost us $150-200 just for babysitting.
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