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Thread: S/O The One- Can you picture life...

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    S/O The One- Can you picture life...

    ...without your SO?

    If something happened today and you and your SO weren't together anymore (death, divorce, etc) what would happen? Can you picture yourself moving on and being happy with someone else? I guess this is more directed to people who believe in soul mates, but everyone could feel free to respond.

    The other thread just made me think of a conversation I was having with a friend and I told her that I could picture a life without my DB. I love DB, want a future with him and would be heartbroken if we broke up but I know that I could still be happy with someone else after some time, if we didn't work out. So I was just wondering how other people thought about it. Can you not even picture life without your SO?

    [I know this is very similar to GuyNavyWife's thread but I didn't want to thread jack. If it's too similar mods feel free to merge the threads.]
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    Well I don't currently have an SO currently, but I think it would be strange to be totally unable to contemplate a life without your SO.
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    I truly cannot picture life without my DH. I mean, I'm fine when he's on dets or deployed, but like him gone permanently hurts my heart to even think about it.

    I've been married before. I loved my exDH very much and worked hard towards our marriage. But, my love for him wasn't anything compared to the love I have for my DH. We are soul mates and I cannot see me being with anyone else. Our love and life is easy and I just can't picture having that with anyone else.

    ETA: I would carry on and take care of myself and my children...just to clarify. But, I cannot picture a life with anyone else besides my DH.
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    I used to think I wouldn't be able to move on, but now I am pretty sure I would be able to. It would take time of course to mourn the loss of him/our relationship but I could see myself finding someone else later on.
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    It would be really rough. I have been with him 9 years- I grew up into my own with him, he is ingrained in everything I do, but yes, I believe I could eventually find someone else and be perfectly happy with them. MF wouldnt want me to be sad and alone forever.
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    We both can. It was a real concern we had to face with his deployment. We both have wills so the surviving spouse will know what the other one wants, will be provided for, etc. You hope for the best, and plan for the worst. If something were to happen to me, I would want him to be happy and find someone to be happy with him. I don't want him to not be able to imagine life without me.
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    i would be devastated if anything ever happened to DH. i struggled with that every day he was deployed. but i know with time i would heal and move on, and im sure i would find another relationship down the line and eventually get married again. just as i feel like if something happened to me, he would be hurt and it would take time for him to heal and move past it but i dont doubt that later on in life he would find someone else that makes him happy
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    No, I really can't. We have spoke, briefly, about the what if's of death and what it would mean. He has told me he would want me to be happy, as did I, but both of as admitted that neither of us can really see finding someone new to be with. We'd take care of our children and ourselves but it's not likely that we would be it looking in that case.

    Divorce, while I can't even fathom that for our marriage, is totally different. I can really only see us divorcing over the entire marriage going sour after attempts of counseling so I'm thinking if it reached that point, we'd both be looking for a better thing.
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    So much of my life currently depends on him that it's hard to think about what I'd do without him, but I know I would be ok. I was with my ex for a decent amount of time and I felt the same way with him, not being able to picture life without him. Yet here I am, living without him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.VinoVet View Post
    It would be really rough. I have been with him 9 years- I grew up into my own with him, he is ingrained in everything I do, but yes, I believe I could eventually find someone else and be perfectly happy with them. MF wouldnt want me to be sad and alone forever.
    If it came to it, yes, I could find someone else. DH will always be a part of my life & heart but I could move on if I had to.

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