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Thread: How does your SO complement you?

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    How does your SO complement you?

    I haven't seen DB in 3 weeks, and have been thinking a lot about us as a unit (super cheesy I know)

    I initially thought we were too different, but I'm realizing now that those differences are actually really great. DB is a very rational person. He'll think, analyze and really look at his options before making a decision. I, on the other hand, like to fly by the seed of my pants which is fun when we want to be spontaneous.

    He is also much more calm than I am. He's really great at just talking things out instead of jumping to conclusions or getting mad. I've never seen him get really mad.

    so, how does your SO complement you? I don't believe in the whole "he makes me whole thing" because I honestly think you need to do that on your own. But I'm starting to think there can be someone who complements the things that are already great about you, or has some qualities that mesh nicely with your less than stellar "qualities."

    ETA How do you complement him too!
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    He's my anchor and I'm his wings.
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    MF and I are like you and your guy. We are similar in our tastes, some of our hobbies and our cores, but he is calmer, more relaxed and he keeps me calm in anxiety moments or high stress times. I am the thinker and planner of the relationship (he is NOT) so I am better at planning our future and the details, while he keeps up in the moment together.
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    Hmmmmm...something like this has actually been on my mind a lot recently. DB and I are so different. It continues to be a process for us to find a middle ground to work from. There are some serious downsides to being so different but I do think we complement each other. I am over-analytical. I think and try and analyze and plan everything to the tee. It takes me forever to make decisions and I really stress out about a lot of little things and the future and planning out my life. DB on the other hand is so laid back. He is very much a live in the moment type of person. Nothing gets him particularly anxious/stressed/etc. Sometimes it drives me crazy but I think its good having him be so laid back about things. It would be too intense if we both stressed about everything. It also means that I get to plan a lot of things out and he doesn't really have too many objections to them.
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    He has practical strengths that I don't, and I have others, so that is helpful. Personality-wise we're really similar and we understand each other really well. It's very easy and enjoyable to just be together.
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    He loosens me up a lot. I was such a square before we met and really not accepting at all of others if they weren't exactly like me with the same interests, he's taught me to give people a chance even if they don't seem like people I would associate with.
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    He's much more practical (like day-to-day strengths like how to change the oil or fix a broken bicycle) than I am, he's friendlier and more social than I am, he's more optimistic than I am.

    I'm more cerebral than he is, I'm more cautious and introverted than he is, I'm more skeptical than he is.

    We complement each other very well, I think

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    We are a lot a like in a our personalities; like our dislikes and likes. He is more future oriented and I am more present bound. He talks about our future and he gets anxious about planning things. I am more like going with the flow or taking the jump when I think fit. However, I am more of a calm person and he is more hyper/anxious. I feel we compliment each other greatly.... he's helped me open up more and be more communicative.
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    His honesty helps me communicate better (because I'm terrible at communicating my true feelings) and he says my patients and acceptance makes him feel at ease
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    I think we even each other out in a lot of ways. We have a lot of differences, sometimes extreme differences, but we make it work instead of letting it tear us apart.

    The first thing that comes to mind is that I'm a worry-er, and he is...not we are ike two extremes on that, so we sort of balance each other out. It sucks a little because I worry too much and he worries not at all, so nothing every gets done.
    We have a lot of the same interests, but we also have a lot of different interests and we like to share different things with each other. We both like sometimes completely different music, for example, but we appreciate each other's choices. Even outside of music, we have different tastes in a lot of things and we share them with each other and we grow from that.
    I tend to be VERY emotional about everything, and he's much more rational and calm.

    Also, I'm 4'9 and he's 6'9 so physically we even each other out too
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