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Thread: Tell me about your love!

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    Tell me about your love!

    Love changes as it ages, and I want to hear about your current stage in love.

    We'll be celebrating six years in eleven days. Love to me right now is him walking through the door, putting a smile on my face. It's stepping out of the shower and having him there, holding my towel. It's looking forward to time spent together connecting. It's knowing he'll be there for me with a hug when I'm sad. It's knowing he'll listen to my dreams seriously, and put thought into actualizing them. It's staying up late, just talking. It's bringing me food at work on a long day.

    So how old is your love, and what does it look like? Are there still butterflies? Or are you at the more mature partnership phase? Do you still think about each other constantly throughout the day, or do you smile as he greets you with a kiss at home?
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    We've been together for about two and a half years - married for about 7 months of that.

    We're still in that butterlies in my belly, you are the best thing ever, calling each other "sweetie" all the time... phase. But to me, love is getting off of work at 0630 to call him to make sure he's awake, and being greeted with a groggy, deep, sleepy, "Good morning sweetie." Our love is me waking up to a text message telling me he hoped I slept well and that he loves me. Getting a sweet little card in the mail reminding me that I am the best, and browsing the racks at Walmart to find the perfect card to express how much I love/miss him right now.

    But most of all, our love is the knowledge that is always there... telling me that no matter what, I have someone there to back me up. Someone to stand by my side and support me through the good and bad. Someone to hold me up when I feel my most weak, and someone I can do the same for...

    /End mushiness.
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    we will celebrate our 2 yr wedding anniversary in June (we have been together 5 yrs) He is my best friend in the whole world, we share jokes and laughter and play around. One of my friends who just got married a few months ago posted on FB how she loves that her and her DH tell each other they love each other like 5 times aday and I realized DH and I do not always tell each other we love each other every day but we show each other ALL the time with sweet smiles and kisses in passing and hugs just because or special little treats or having a bubble bath waiting with a glass of wine when I get home from work . DH and I lay in bed for hours on weekend mornings and talk and play and laugh. We don't have children yet just fur babies(2 cats) and we are so happy waiting and just enjoying each others company and loving one another it's wonderful. I don't know what stage I would say our love is at but I love it.

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    We have been together for about 5 years and married for 2 and a half. We have kiss fights where we try to kiss each other without the other kissing back. We also playfully wrestle every morning that we sleep in. We are very competitive, and part of our relationship is competing with each other to show the other our love. We laugh at each other's jokes and make fun and have fun together. We also respect and appreciate each other's differences.

    We are partners in life and view each other as equals in our relationship. I wouldn't say I get nervous or get butterflies anymore, but there are still times where I just get amazed by him and appreciate how wonderful he is. He makes me feel beautiful and confident without doing anything, and there is something about him that keeps me attracted to him and makes me blush. Also, we truly enjoy each other's company.

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