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Thread: What is "your type"?

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    What is "your type"?

    I was talking to a friend about "my type," and it got me wondering... what is "your type"? I am mostly talking about physical features, but if you want to include personality characteristics, feel free.

    Mine is blue eyes, dark hair, well-defined jaw. He should be at least my height, preferably a bit taller, and lean; runner to lightweight boxer physique, fitness physique is also fine, but not too bulky; bodybuilders aren't attractive to me at all. Short hair, I don't really like long hair on a guy. 5 o'clock shadow or a goatee are fine, but not a full blow bear-trapper beard.

    In terms of personality, I like the really smart ones, the people I can pretty much pick up any topic with and have an interesting discussion about it. Sense of humor is a given, everyone says that. Confident, not a bigot, and not too religious. Also, non-smoker, and not a heavy drinker.

    So, my type has actually grown rather specific over the years, but I also have never had a single boyfriend that covered all of the characteristics. Looking at my type with the eyes of someone "on the market," I think I'm screwed.

    So, what is yours? And bonus question, if you have a significant other - does he/she meet most of the "criteria"?
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    As far as looks are concerned, my man meets all of my expectations:

    As far as personality is concerned, I don't have too many expectations, but he does fit all of my needs and desires. He is funny, smart, independent and thinks for himself despite of others' opinions/beliefs, determined and motivated, etc. I could go on and on forever
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    I am seeing someone, and he is not my type AT ALL.

    I usually like tall, fit, rugged-ish guys, that are more manly and just more tough ( sounds funny). Lighter hair etc.

    At least, that's what I think I like. Whenever I have been with those guys, it's never lasted. I get bored quickly or our personalities don't mesh.

    My current guy has a PhD in physics, so he defnitely has the brains. He's shorter than most guys I've dated. He's older. He is way more hmmm experienced? hah, I don't know on paper he just isn't my type. But in reality our personalities are meshing really well, so I'm enjoying that.

    It's hard, I think I like something, but when it comes down to it, I think that's more my fantasy type guy, not really what works for me in long-term relationships.
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    My type has been all over the map. I like them to not be too tall and... yeah that's about the only requirement.
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    Physically, everything you listed OP. Dark hair/eyes, lean/athletic body but not too big, definitely short hair, some facial hair is okay but nothing crazy, and taller than me.

    Personality wise... smart, funny, open minded, active, outgoing, motivated. At this point I am just looking for someone who has a job, a car, lives on his own, and doesn't make me want to throw myself in front of a bus. I don't think I'm asking for too much
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    Honestly I always wanted to date a red-head before I met DH and he's one with green eyes But also when looking for my type same music interests is a big one for me, and luckily DH was into the same music I was into. We both even have a huge collection of cd's in our cars.

    Other things I like in my type of guy was
    -being taller then me
    -colored eyes
    -can make me laugh
    -wearing vans/converses

    I'm all over the place with what I like, and all of that describes DH.
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    As far as looks, I tend to like blonde hair, blue eyed guys. Also, I prefer no chest hair, clean cut, clean shaven. (Matches DH, except his hair is a light/med brown but changes with the amount of sun he gets. Also, I'll be sad when DH retires because I think he might let his hair grow out.)

    Personality: funny! I like nerdy guys, especially if it's in areas that I know nothing about. I learn more and it challenges me. Also, I tend to gravitate towards more outgoing and confident people. (DH is a techy nerd. He hits all my personality requirements to a T.)

    Before I met DH, I gave every guy a shot. I'd go on at least one date with them. Usually, the more introverted guys didn't stick around too long. It's just too exhausting for an introverted person (me) to continue/create conversation. There were awkward pauses or maybe I'm just socially awkward. After opening myself up to a variety of people, I was able to narrow who I was most attracted to. That's how I came up with the list above. The guy that stuck around the longest is the guy who appreciated me the most.
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    My husband is pretty much exactly my type. I like tall and thin with dark features. He's a little wider than I normally would go for (very broad shoulders) but who can complain about that? I'm not super picky on specific facial features, dark hair and dark eyes and were good to go.

    I'm also really into beards, and dh looks amazing with one, but stupid army makes him shave it.
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    DB is exactly my type. He's a country boy, that is taller than me and knows what a hard days work is. Sweet and attentive and can make me laugh smile.
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    I really like dark hair and light, preferably blue, eyes. My height or taller with lean to athletic build. He must have nice, full lips. I'm also a sucker for nice smiles. As for personality, confident with nerdy/geeky qualities. I find intelligence extremely attractive, and being able to hold an intellectual and/or philosophical conversation is very important. A good sense of humor is a must, too. Also at the top of the list, religious and political views. He mustn't be religious; spiritual, yes, but not religious. It's also important that he be socially liberal. Lining up nicely in terms of big issues is paramount.

    I'm actually pretty picky. If he's a movie lover like me, HUGE plus. I like my guys tatted, too. So hot! I also like 'em older.

    R is totally my type. From physical appearance to personality and interests. He has the short dark hair, blue eyes, goatee, my height with lean/athletic build. Oh, and he has the lips. He's also a total geek (software developer) and nerd.

    Pax, Aeon
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