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Thread: When did you meet the parents?

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    When did you meet the parents?

    The title says it all.

    MIL: I met her, after a couple months of dating. If it hadn't been around the holidays, and DH and I hadn't constantly been out, when she got home from work, then I think we would've met way sooner. We were casually dating at the time, though, so there wasn't any pressure.

    FIL: at DH's boot camp graduation. Since his parents are divorced, there wasn't any way I could've met him sooner, really. He was there with rest of DH's family, though. So, I met them as well.

    DH met my mom, after a couple months of dating as well. We had visited her at work, and she instantly loved him. I can't remember the moment DH met my dad, though. Since he was going through a lot of healthy issues at the time, it wasn't something I wanted.

    So, when did you met 'em?
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    Met DB's mom when she was, to me, my best friend's mom. I used to go over to her house allll the dang time just chilling with my best friend. Funny, I met DB's mom before I met DB.
    Haven't met his dad yet, his parents are divorced and living in separate states.
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    I met his parents on the second date Not on purpose and his parents were totally embarrassed. DH was moving into his apartment for the school year and we were going to meet at his place before going to dinner...his parents were still helping him unpack when it was time for our date. HAHA, they were gone when we got home from the date but it was so awkward.

    He met my parents a couple months after dating. I have a HUGE family and we were having a cookout after a football game and I invited him...the poor guy met everyone that night. I'm surprised he still wanted to date me after that ordeal.
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    Two months into our relationship. We visited New York for my dad's birthday and the next weekend went to Colorado for Thanksgiving.
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    On our first date. We were in high school and both only had permits so we had to have parents drive us. My dad drove me to his house where we had out first date and there I met his sister, brother and mom
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    The day we boned for the first time. Seriously! We didn't plan it that way but it was too funny for us It was about five months after we started dating! It took a while for schedules to work out.

    He met my parents like three days after our first date. Poor guy
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    I met my future MIL, step-FIL, and FIL at DF's OCS graduation. Actually, they (MIL and step FIL) picked me up at the airport and paid for my hotel. We spent the entire weekend together. His dad and day's fiancé hung out with us too, but I spent more time with his mom and stepdad if that makes sense.
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    I met MIL the day or two before we got married...DH met my mom and dad the day of.
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    He met my grandparents (and basically the rest of my extended family ) a few days after we met. We were having a barbecue so I invited him.

    I met his mom about two months after we met? He wasn't there, she came to drop some of his stuff off because I was going to visit him and she thought he should have the things. Idk, she is crazy. I met his grandma about six months in. His extended family lives out of state so I still haven't met them since we have never been there.
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    DH met my parents and little brother and sister about a week or so into the relationship. We took them out to dinner with us to a fancy restaurant. My mom apparently called my aunt that night saying that she just met her future son-in-law and she was scared shitless because I was so young (18).

    I met his family about 3 weeks into the relationship for Thanksgiving when they came down to SC from MA to visit him. I stayed at the beach house they rented with them for 4 days.
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