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Thread: Tell me your love story! How did you meet?

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    Love Tell me your love story! How did you meet?

    I'm sick at home from work and so I'm watching romantic movies on Netflix, but nothing compares to the real deal!

    So how did you meet your husband, fiance, boyfriend?

    Here's our story:

    A mutual friend, who I later found out had a crush on me, invited me to DB's house for tamale making Thanksgiving eve. I wasn't enthusiastic at all about going and thought I might skip the event and just go home instead. I decided though, kind of last minute, to go so I came a few hours late from the gym in a gross workout outfit (of course it wasn't one of the 50 cute outfits I have but an ugly one) and didn't even bother to fix my hair or anything after finishing 60 minutes of cardio. My plan going in was to stay an hour or so and then leave.

    I knew within about 5 minutes of being around DB I wasn't going anywhere. I remember thinking he is so fine, I need to stop staring he is going to think I'm weird! And the way he moved around the room in charge and so much The Man it was just driving me crazy!

    Tamale night ended with all of us getting wasted and passing out in random spots. Not one tamale was successfully produced! DB and I ended up making out. Of course we kept it classy with him asking for my number and then I left for Thanksgiving supper with my fam severely hung over. We spent every day together after that for weeks. DB and I will be apart for 6 months and we're at the halfway point now.

    I would love to hear your story! The more details, the better!
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    We met online

    We met in person a month later and were instantly smitten. He was extremely patient with me, especially with me being burned hardcore by two guys almost back to back.

    We're now engaged to be married next may. He's pretty cool in my books
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    we met at work. i used to walk by him and i guess i never looked happy at work so he would always tell me to smiley every time i saw him. i was basically just like "ummm who is this guy?" then we started talking a little more at work and ended up finding his facebook randomly and added him. once he accepted he messaged me right away, we chatted for a bit and then he said he was going to shower and left me his number. not even a half hour later i texted him im pathetic. but from there we kept talking and i guess you could say the rest is history
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    we met online about a year ago and went on a couple of dates but quickly realized that our schedules didnt mesh, hes a detective and works whenever he has to and i worked midnights, so after about a month and only being able to see each other twice we gave up. now a year later and with me working days like a normal person we have decided to try again lol. its a little easier to make time now that my schedule isnt so weird but its still not easy haha.
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    We met on OKCupid. I was living and working in Korea and he was stationed there ... he saw my profile and said he thought I was cute and to message him if I wanted to meet. It's funny because when we arranged our meeting we both agreed to bring one friend and then my workplace found out where I was going and were all "Oh that pool hall is awesome!" so they all tagged along and it was super awkward! One of my coworkers even made a huge scene and made me cry, and then another one cockblocked DH at the end of the night. It was a bit of a cluster but we had a quiet dinner a few days later and it was a lot easier to get to know each other. The rest, as they say, is history!
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    It was the end of August 2006 when I got an email for a dating site ( which is no longer in service). I was just gonna delete the email but something told me to sign up so I did. The first week of Sept I got an email but never replied because I was dating someone...I knew it wasn't gonna go anywhere so a few days later I email the guy back. The guy I was dating ended up leaving me for his ex which I figured was gonna happen but whatever lol. Anyway I emailed the guy the for a while then we exchanged numbers. We texted and talked on the phone all the time...he even laughed t me when my dad sent me to Walmart to get candy corn and there was a billion different kinds/flavored/brands and I didn't know which one to get. I started falling for this guy I never met and he made me a video which freaked me out because it basically said he loved me. I didn't talk to him for a week after that. In Nov we had planned to met...the day we were suppose to meet I got scared and called it off. He later told me he had a dozen roses that he threw away (at the gas station he was getting gas at to drive 4 hours to meet me ) since he didn't know when we were gonna get to meet. The next weekend I wanted to meet him but he had drill so we made plans for the following weekend. The day he was coming down decided to show....I was pissed because I was cramping so bad (my cramps use to get really bad). I called him and explained what was going on and he still wanted to drive all the way to meet me. 4 hours later he said he was pulling up my drive way...I was nervous and drugged up (mom gave me a strong pain pill so I could sleep) but walked down the ramp to his car. I hugged him and that was it...I never wanted him to leave. He stayed the weekend and when he had to leave that Sunday I cried but he came back every other weekend except for drill weekends. He went to AIT in Feb of 2007 and called my dad for permission to marry me. He came home 6 weeks later due to the Army going back on the contract (so the recruiter said when he rejoyed in 2010)...we thought it was medical reasons but anyway he never went home expect to visit. Now we are married since Sept 2008 and have 2 wonderful daughters and another baby on the way. We have been through a lot but it was all worth it.

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    We had government class together and he cheated off me we had a little thing together but it ended when he said he liked me till he got to know me so I hated him then we hung out as friends and IDK what happened but we are married now

    "We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love."
    Dr. Seuss
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    DF and I met online on OKcupid as well! It's actually pretty funny were were talking for about a month or so and then he just fell off the face of the planet because he had something going on so I just shrugged it off and assumed he had lost interest.

    So after about a month of not hearing from him, I got a message saying he was sorry for suddenly dropping off the grid but if I was still interested he did genuinely want to meet still. Idk what it was about him that made me think he deserved the chance but I messaged him back anyways. We texted for a few weeks then he finally asked if I wanted to go on an actual date and after blowing him off about 3 times I finally said yes.

    Our first date was perfect, he brought me flowers when he picked me up, we went to a nice dinner and then went out to a country bar afterwards and danced and talked. It was a good night but then when he dropped me off all I got was this awkward side hug and a good bye so I figured he wasn't as interested as I thought

    Well he texted me once he got back to post and said he wanted to see me again ASAP so after a couple of days he came up and cooked me dinner and once we were done and had everything situated we were walking outside to go smoke and he stopped at the door, turned around and goes "I don't think I really did this right the first time so I'm going to try again." And he leaned in to kiss me but I had my cigarette in my mouth, I ripped that sucker out so fast and that was our first kiss

    When we made things official he had told me he was up for deployment in February and understood if I wouldn't want to stick around because that was a difficult thing to put me through and I have my daughter. I told him I wanted to give it a shot and there wasn't any harm in trying. I knew I loved him after about two weeks and I knew I couldn't pick a better man to spend the rest of my life with. He was everything I could ask for. I got to go with him in December to meet his family, my family loves him. We were a perfect match from day one and we both knew it.

    So February was approaching fast and the impending deployment was starting to take its toll on me, I was just a mess at the thought of having to let him go. Too top it off my birthday was in February and I was excited to celebrate with him but it sucked knowing he was going to have to leave... Or so I thought. Long story short, he found out he wasn't deploying and when he had been gone for 3 weeks on training he knew he was going to ask me to marry him. For my birthday he reenacted our entire first date and then when we were at the bar he popped the question with my family there

    Now were getting married on May 11th and I look forward to what our future holds!

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    I was holding a beer bong for him. I thiiiiiiiiiink. Clearly, those days are a little fuzzy.
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    I was at a country bar in flip flops. We were doing a line dance and he stepped on my toes. He asked me to dance after that. We spent the whole night all trying to learn to dance together. If he tells the story I put my toes under his feet. He asked for my phone number after we had breakfast.... You know that 3 am breakfast at Ihop when you just dont want the night to end!!

    Our offical date was The next weekend. We went to a Blake Shelton concert. Which turned into a date weekend. It was amazing, he took me to see the hunger games. I told him that he couldnt be my boyfriend, because I wasnt looking for anything serious...

    1 year and 1 month later we are planning to move in together.
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