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    Question Attraction ...

    and your lifetime partner.

    The other thread got me thinking, so I'm curious what others think. How important is physical/sexual attraction when it concerns a potential lifetime partner? Are you less picky if it's someone you're FwB with or casually dating? Do/did you desire for your long term partner to be close to your ideal in appearance? Do you think you're picky?
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    there definitely has to be physical attraction but it is not everything. i also think a persons personality can make them more attractive. when i first looked at DB i didn't think he was someone i would be interested in, but as i got to know him and his personality he became more attractive to me. of course i find him attractive now, or else i wouldnt be with him.
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    I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

    I started seeing someone and he is not my typical type at all. (He even jokes that he's not used to not being someone's type ) but honestly the more I am with him the more I am attracted to him. It's not like I wasn't before, he just wasn't "my type" but I definitely find him more attractive the more I et to know him.

    Also, this guy who was a total jerk that I found super hot I find just meh now. Funny how that happens.
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    Attraction is important to me, but it's not something I've thought about extensively nor do I have a "type". I just like what I like.

    I do agree that as you get to know someone, they can become more or less attractive to you. Personality plays a big role in attraction in my opinion.
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    I'm more particular about friends with benefits, actually. I need to be attracted to my partner, and if I really love a person that attraction grows.
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    I definitely don't have a certain "type" or something that I go for, but there definitely has always been some sort of physical attraction. Plus, the more into the person I am the more attracted to them I become.

    As for my past, when it came to FWB always quite a bit of attraction from the start..I think that was the main point of FWB

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    attraction has to be there for me, but I would be more picky, looks-wise, for a FwB than a long term relationship. A moderate guy can have great qualities that make him 'worthy' of a relationship (that sounds horrible but I am tired so I hope people get the point) while a FwB is there just for me to have sex with, so the attraction NEEDS to be there.

    Ex. Harry from STAC- not great looking, but out of all the guys on that show I wanna be with him the most since he is the best boyfriend/husband ever!
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    Appearance is more important to me when I'm just casually dating. For a lifetime partner, physical appearance is much less important than personality.

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    Attraction is important to be for a partner, but as others have said that attraction has to do with so much more than just physical looks. The person's personality is what really makes or breaks an attraction for me. There are always certain physical features that I am physically attracted to so I guess I do sort of have a 'type' but beign 'my type' is not a requirement for me to be attracted to someone...hope that made sense lol.

    As for a FwB situation I can't really answer since I've never been in one and cannot see myself ever being able to be in one. I cannot separate sex from my emotions, therefore I cannot see myself having sex with someone who did not have the potential to become a partner. Therefore, the same thigns that attract me to a potential partner would apply here.
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    I think attraction is a good thing to have (obviously) but unless they are famous I think that I've always seen attraction with my brain. If they have traits I like, they are more attractive. Not saying that I don't think my DH is VERY attractive, because I do, but I fell for his personality way more than his appearance.

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