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Thread: Date Night Ideas

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    Date Night Ideas

    DH & I went out last, just dinner and a movie - and it was great! We don't get out much (just the 2 of us that is) so it was nice to reconnect as a couple. I was a bit nervous when we first left the house, not wanting anything to ruin our time alone (we seem to argue when we converse alone for longer than 15 minutes), but we didn't argue and after 20 minutes passed without fighting I was able to relax and enjoy the evening...and we both woke up in good moods

    So, that got me thinking - I'd like us to get out twice a month, just us. Dinner & a movie is great and we bowl occasionally on base, but I'd like to mix it up a bit. Try something new/different...

    Suggestions would be appreciated
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    We do dinner/movie, bowling, go karting, lasertag, golfing (mini and big kid style), sometimes we just go for walks with the dog, we change the oil in the cars together... we really consider any time we spend actually doing something outside of our home with just the two of us as "date night"
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    The other day, we got a pizza and drove to the end of a road where you can watch the sunset. Other times we go hiking, and sometimes concerts.

    Glad you had fun!
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    Hiking is good! And as the weather gets warmer, amusement parks are always fun. That, and the beach! I personally hate the beach, but walking the boardwalks hand in hand is always a treat
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    i wanna try and go hiking with DB soon. try is the key word because our work schedules never match up
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    A really nice dinner and some drinks is our favorite. For some reason we just totally relax and reconnect over some good food and alcohol.....fatties

    When the weather gets warm, I really want to hike and camp.

    We also like to smoke hookah

    "The purpose of life is not to simply be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well."
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    cook a meal together
    does your area have festivals regularly? check some of those out
    Check Groupon/LivingSocial for deals on places you haven't been before and try them out
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    We do picnics a lot when it gets warm and we always go to all the little festivals in the area for a night out, or to go see a local band we've never heard of.
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    Something that works for my DF and I is going to a park and playing on the playground equipment. It is a way to bring out our "inner child" and be goofy....all while having fun together lol.
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    I don't really like the typical "dinner date," but we try to do different activities together...camping, cooking dinner, wind surfing, rock climbing...
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