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Thread: 10 things

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    The point of no return. Is that a duty station?

    10 things

    ... you love about your SO.

    1. I love his openness and honesty.
    2. I love that he's incredibly attentive and affectionate.
    3. His intellect and inquisitive nature. He still fascinates me.
    4. I love his goofy, light-hearted side. He has a great sense of humor.
    5. I LOVE his lips and smile.
    6. He has killer eyes. *swoon*
    7. I love the way he loves and cares for those close to his heart.
    8. I admire his spirituality. We're deeply connected on that level. It's amazing.
    9. He's been through a lot and has grown and matured for it. I admire his strength and resiliency.
    10. He's an uber geek and I LOVE it. Nerds and geeks are awesome.

    R posted this on SoulPancake. in response to the thread someone started on what we love about our SOs. He saw my response and replied. Aww!

    He's a definite keeper.

    Y'alls turn!
    Pax, Aeon
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    where to begin

    1- He has such a great heart and wants/tries to help everyone he possibly can when they are in need.
    2- He is a goofball and always has a way of making me laugh.
    3- He has a weakness for Kids and Dogs and would do anything to protect them and give them all they need and deserve.
    4- His is an AMAZING cook
    5- He has shown he loves me so much that I can never question his feeling towards me ...even when he is being a jerk!
    6- His country accent
    7- His intelligence. He always surprises me with how much he knows about the most random things.
    8- His HORRIBLE dancing skills! It's adorable, embarrassing and hilarious all at the same time.
    9- His passion for the things he loves.
    10- His ability to make it all better with a hug and an I love you.

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    1. He makes me laugh harder then anyone else
    2. I can tell him anything and everything with out being embarassed
    3. He is 100% who he is he doesn't change for anyone.
    4. He is 100% honest.
    5. He is my BEST friend!
    6. He is a goof ball
    7. His beautiful blue eyes .
    8. he keeps me in check.
    9. He loves his family.
    10. its hard for him to be sweet and cutesy but he tries to be for me.

    "We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love."
    Dr. Seuss
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    Aw, I love this. I know there are endless things, but they're hard to put into words! So here goes...
    1. His complete honesty
    2. His patience with me, my ambitions, and my quirks. He accepts and respects both my goals and beliefs.
    3. He is calm and stable, despite whatever the world throws at him/me/us
    4. His smile. So elusive in public, but so rewarding haha
    5. His strength of character
    6. Something about him makes me act like me
    7. He's adorable with kids
    8. He is firm in his own beliefs, yet is open to other opinions
    9. His humor is the perfect mix of sarcasm and cheesy jokes
    10. He makes a long distance military relationship worth it. That takes talent!
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    1. He shows me how much he loves me in a new way every day.
    2. His smirky and mischevious half smile.
    3. The way he always challenges me to be better.
    4. He is more patient with me than anyone else.
    5. His sense of humor. Always able to make me laugh.
    6. He shares my love for Xbox, RoosterTeeth, and so on.
    7. The sexytime. What?
    8. He's my best friend in the whole world.
    9. I know I would never be able to do this 'ocean between us' thing with anyone else.
    10. He's willing to do anything to better us as a couple and him as a person. <3

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    1. I love that he is the 1 person in the entire world that I trust 100% -- and he earned that.
    2. I love his little smug grin
    3. I love and admire his level-headness
    4. I love his commitment to self-improvement.
    5. I love his creativity and sense of humor.
    6. He has the sexiest muscles ever!! *omg so yummy*
    7. I love his softheartedness towards animals -- especially my Danny
    8. I love his horrible taste in nerdy entertainment -- it matches my own so well.
    9. I love his ongoing pursuit of knowledge. Barnes & Noble geek out + coffee dates are our faves.
    10. I love how he takes interest in my studies, and also is willing to show/teach me some of his.
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    1) His smile
    2) His caring and thoughtful nature
    3) His ability to know what I'm feeling or thinking without me having to say anything
    4) His sense of humor/smart ass-ed-ness (Lol)
    5) His cooking ability
    6) His commitment and dedication
    7) His affection
    8) His ability to make me feel like I can fall and be safe
    9) His ability to stand by his morals.
    10) His ability to challenge me to be a better person.
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    1) His compassionate/caring nature.
    2) The way his morals and wants in life line up pretty much perfectly with my own.
    3) How when he sees anything cute, animal or human, he turns into a pile of goo.
    4) His nerdy-ness
    5) His sense of humor.
    6)The way I can completely let my guard down with him and know that I'm safe.
    7) His strong determination and passion. When it comes to doing the best he can for himself and his family.
    8) How supportive and understanding he is when it comes to my interests, wants, and needs.
    9) How devoted he tried to be when it comes to being the best father and husband he can be.
    10) How after even the longest most stressful days. With a simple hug he makes all the negative crap fade away.
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    1) his kind heart
    2) goofy laugh
    3) his eyes
    4) love for all things nerdy
    5) his passion for dancing lol pop locking
    6) that i can depend on him
    7) hes protective of me
    8) that he easily blushes
    9) he's sexy as hell
    10) even when im trippin he still talks to me and calms me down until all is good again
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    1. His absolute care and love for me.
    2. His patience and understanding in everything I do, we endure and challenges.
    3. His determination in life.
    4. His ability to make me laugh even in the most troubling situations.
    5. He is amazingly gorgeous!
    6. The sweet nothings he does for me.
    7. His honest attempt to be romantic.
    8. How he protects me above all else.
    9. His spirituality and curiosity.
    10. His comforting nature and calming personality.

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