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Thread: he knew just what to say

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    Love he knew just what to say

    Today i've just been all at myself. I've just been critizing myself and not liking what i see Well DF started texting me, which lifted my spirits It's his first night in the field, so i was shocked!

    I asked DF if there was anything about my body he didn't like. (guess i wanted other criticism ) convo went as follows:

    DF: No, baby. Y?
    ME: I dunno, just a bad day and keep looking at my body
    DF: I love your body. If it bothers you baby, then change what u want to.. No matter what tho,ur still GUNNA BE MY WIFE!
    ME: I just wanna kiss you right now

    and i've been smiling every since crazy just the simplest things he can do make me

    eventho it was probably he say that or something else and i bite his head off
    " u know those things that are like candy canes that taste like christmas in ur mouth what are those called?" " umm candy canes?" "Yeahhhh" R.I.P Christian

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  2. I was the perfect mom, until I had kids.
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    I was the perfect mom, until I had kids.
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    Aww, he worded that very well

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