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Thread: Date night - how often?

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    Date night - how often?

    DH just took me out for a date for the first time in what basically has felt like forever. If I try to think back, I guess the last time we went out was before the move-- so like, well over a month and more like two.

    We went to dinner at a great sushi restaurant that one of my work-acquaintances suggested, and then to the movies to see Warm Bodies. DH loves zombie movies, and I guess he figured he'd better just accept the fact that it was about as close as he was ever going to get to me actually seeing one. The whole evening was so perfect. It was like an extension of Valentine's Day or something.

    Anyway, it got me thinking how we should really make going out on dates more of a regular thing. How often do you guys go out on "dates"? And by dates, I don't mean, "I didn't feel like cooking... let's go out*," I mean solid 100% making plans, get dressed, and go out specifically for a special night.

    (* that's not to say "I don't wanna cook, let's go out" aren't awesome too-- and honestly we hadn't done any of those either--just not talkin' that type).
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    At least once a month. Usually every 3 weeks. Dinner and a movie. Sometimes we just do a movie but I just think of that as us being bored
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    About once every two to three weeks. Usually just to dinner and maybe look around wherever we decide to go. DH and I rarely if ever go to the movies for date nights unless there's something one or both of us really want to see.
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    We go to the Nutcracker most years... Ummmmmmm every three or four months, tops?

    We aren't big fans of "going out."
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    last time me and DF went on a special date was when he was home last (july)

    we went to my fave place to eat and DF swore up and down the waiter was hitting on me but i knew better..i said "no baby, i'm not his type" DF was confused till the waiter suggested a desert and winked at DF shoulda seen DFs face then he said "is it because i'm wearing purple?" he and i we're colored coordinated for our night out we have already planned to go back on this trip!
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    We're LDR now, but when we weren't it was every few weeks. We went out on Wednesdays a lot to Dave & Busters and Buca di Beppo, or we'd try a different restaurant and see a movie if anything interesting was out. We never made a huge deal of it but we still considered them dates.

    We had a better time staying in. We'd make a really good dinner, have some wine, watch a movie on Netflix or whatever.
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    The last time we went on an actual date was our two year wedding anniversary, last June. I can't wait until DH is home again so we can start doing regular date nights.

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    "Well, if there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from."

    We generally go out once a week. Dating, even if married, is important.
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    Probably once every 2 or 3 weeks. We used to go every week but now we have to add on $40-$60 more because we need our babysitter. So one date night can cost close to $100, if not more, just for dinner & a movie.

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    Not enough, at all. The last date we had was DH's command Christmas party. He's not home enough and when he is home, we feel crappy about doing something without Wyatt because he loses out on Daddy time.
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