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Thread: Those who met online

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    Those who met online

    I met my SO online and when someone asked how we met I say online. A few weeks ago someone asked him and he said here. As in his place on base. I dont know if he is embarrassed to say it or just didnt know if I was so he said that. It upset me a little that he lied about it.Well technically I did see him face to face for the first time there but that obviously wasnt the context the person was asking for. When people ask how yall met what do you say? Was there ever a little awkwardness about it?

    I do remember a similar post awhile back but I dont remember enough about it to search for it.
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    We both say we met on OK Cupid.
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    We both just say we met online. Nothing wrong with it...lots of people meet online now. My mom met my stepfather online and when he passed away she met her new husband online as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ćon View Post
    We both say we met on OK Cupid.
    Same. First I say we met online. Then they ask how and I say OkCupid. I'm assuming Russ says the same.

    But sometimes when people ask when we first met, I say we met online first but didn't meet officially in person until 6 months later.

    For some people, their definition of "meeting someone" is different. So maybe he was catering to what they considered as meeting someone for the first time. I'm sorry it upset you though. I would ask him about it.
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    We lied because we were both waaay too young and reckless about meeting in person. Luckily it worked out but at 16, my parents would have been pissed
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    We had a cover story for a while. It was unbelievable the judgment we received from certain people when they heard we met online, so it was easier to just give a generic "through friends" explanation to most. We also met in a time and a community where meeting online was much less common and MUCH less accepted. Meeting online was for booty calls. Period. Everyone knows now though- seven years and two kids later, I think we have proved the judgment and assumptions wrong enough to just tell the whole story.
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    We lied to our families We're both from San Antonio so it works out say we met through friends. I was 19 and he was 24 and we felt embarrassed that we were on eharmony at such a young age. DH sister knows, but that's about it. Who cares how you met? It matters that you're together now.

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    It's becoming a lot more normal to meet online these days but I know it still weirds people out. I would probably lie too, just to avoid judgement.

    ETA: We did not meet online. Just saying ifffff we did.

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    When we were first dating, DH and I were hesitant to mention that we meant online for different reasons. His parents were skeptics and didn't think the internet was safe (even though it was eHarmony! ), and I was hesitant because it was my second relationship that started online, and I didn't want naysayers giving me grief for going the online route again after a failed relationship that also started online.

    I don't know what DH said, but I used to say 'through friends' because strangely enough, we have since found out that we have a few childhood friends in common, but just knew them at different times in our lives. Now, we just say the truth, we met online. We are an online dating success story, so why not share it?

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    DH and I have always said that we met online, and if someone asks what site we will tell them. We usually also tell people when and where we met for the first time in person. My mom was the one who was funny about us meeting online, she made up some stories and told her friends those, so it's always fun talking to her friends and hearing my mom's version of how we met
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