Okay, so I got married to my Marine last Friday, and I'm a little confused about some things.

First of all, after the ceremony, I couldn't stop staring at him. I don't know what came over me. I stared at him the entire way back to the hotel and felt...different. I've been with this man for around a year and half, but I've known him much longer, and this has never happened before. We lived together before marriage was even a thought, and I was used to everyday life that involved working from home, cleaning the house, and waiting for him to get home so we could make dinner together, watch some TV, and go to bed. This was and is an everday routine that we have been in since November of last year.

I have no idea what's come over me or if this happens to everyone. I feel this aggressive urge to be a better person, to be healthier, and to take better care of myself mentally (and I don't really, because I'm a writer, and I'm used to criticizing everything about myself). I've never felt so compelled to make better changes for myself, and I've also never been so turned on by him before. And again, we've been living together for months (which we did to see if we could handle strenuous bill payments and household issues), and all this time, I haven't been so...attracted to him or anything like that.

I'm not sure if this is happening because I just got married or because of what happened when I got married.

When we were saying our vows, we stared into each other's eyes and right in the middle of saying mine, he started to tear up. Now, this guy is a Marine. And he only let me see him cry on Skype when he was deployed and after his deployment when he came home (due to his grandmother passing away while he was gone and due to the fact that he didn't want to lose me, because we were having some problems which we eventually got through). I've seen him cry sad tears, but never happy tears. I've never seen him cry tears of joy before. And he did. Right there in front of me as I promised him that I'd "love him and honour him all the days of my life."

So, what do you think? Is this supposed to happen or what? It's not like I've been married before, so I have no idea if I'm supposed to feel this way or if it's just the fact that I'm weird or whatever.

Your thoughts, please...