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Thread: favorite date tradition

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    favorite date tradition

    a thread about date ideas made me all sorts of thinking about different dates me and DH go on we go on all sorts of different kinds of dates and activities... but my favorite one would have to be this tradition we started looooooooong ago, even when we were first married, of going to The Melting Pot before every deployment. this is definitely not a place you can go eat at all the time, unless you are rich, so it's fun that it's a rare thing. we do the whole meal; the cheese one, the main one with meats, and the dessert one. i love that it is more than just a meal; it lasts for like 3 hours and you can just leisurely sit and chat and fondue. i love the atmosphere of the low lights and booths, and we always seem to be seated in a place that feels very private and it just overall feels very romantic. plus it requires a little bit of dressing up. it's a wonderful, calm thing we do in the week or 2 before a deployment that just makes us feel connected, and of course enjoy extremely yummy food. i recommend it for anyone for an extra special date, and definitely recommend doing all 3 courses

    so, do you have any date traditions? whether it be before a deployment, after a deployment, an anniversary, valentines day... etc
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    We go to a fancy dinner and then to Camelot before a deployment. We play mini golf, arcade games (standing goal from 2006: beat DH at air hockey just once! ), and the batting cages.
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    DH and I have an anniversary tradition that we do a "show" each year. We went to see Wicked for our 1 year anniversary and saw TSO this year for our 2 year dating anniversary. We are planning now what to do next year for our 3 year dating/1 year married anniversary.

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